Duo Partner?

If we were to have another round like ULTIMATE (not saying we will anytime soon) with just you and one other player, who would your preferred duo parnter(s) be?

It can be one person or two people.

CELLS: My preferred partner. personally I haven’t played with anyone else as much as I’ve played with him…if I’m active and paying attention we can do some damage.

ORDOS: if I had to choose another person I’d definitely go with ORDOS. That’s only if he’s committed and not playing around.

Who’s your favorite duo partner??


Orbit and Orbit


Well I’ve got quite a few people I enjoy playing with, so I’ll narrow it down for myself since I usually play as an attacker so I’ll pick a prefered attacking partner: @Pitbull1

Seriously active when war comes around and as a self-proclaimed secondary attacker, he puts in a tremendous amount of work making my life a lot easier when attacking, as well as motivating me to put in my own work as main attacker.

We’re usually on the same wavelength with whatever comes up and with his laid back demeanor, he helps keep me grounded. As such we complement eachother well and I’d love to attack another round with him.


@Rawrr Pitbull is a solid attacker as he got proper training. He’s too good for a maniac like you.

@The_Unknown Always good to get a partner that sucks more than you do so you can put all the blame on him.

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The only one I’d duo with is pickle, he doesn’t need to be told what to do every 5 seconds. And im pretty sure if me and pickle were a duo no one else would need to bother playing as there are no better pairings in the game right now. The rest of IC is made up of old lazy players, drunks and looneys.

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Well me and pickle won.mw 54 as a duo in 5 man fams so if I wanted to win him.

Attacking duo I do well with flipmode(memega)every round we play together but my favorite attack duo would be sol as main attack and me 2nd maybe even Tommy but just two man duo I’d have to say kingray when he’s active, great to talk to and always works with you.

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Flip and Cells?

You say it like its never happened ? I find it amusing how hala and Orbit both have statements or arguments against other peoples personal opinions on these lists. Must be jealousy from the lack of being listed themselves

I haven’t made it on any lists :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I choose kingray :grinning:

Did I say that? :thinking:

You are on mine

Drones for me. No drama, good flow, adaptable, doesn’t care about losing or winning, good sense of humour, no ego and good team player.
Won’t read this for about 3 months either :joy::joy:


And fellow NAP breaker I assume?

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Naps can’t be broken, they are signed in-game with a timer anything else is a verbal agreement.

Barely :sweat_smile: