Draft code


i cant use either draft code in my family in sirus


Multi is not allowed
Drafting yourself isn’t possible


of course a idiot would reply … need to fill last spot in fam … have someone waiting


an idiot*


Any errors you can share?

Reasons for failure:

  • Accidentally copying in a space along with draft code
  • Galaxy setup does not allow more drafts / draft limit reached
  • Code is alrdy used


we only drafted 1 player and i am using his code now… its 3 player draft fam


i wouldnt ask if i didnt allready know… ur not helping


So what’s the error msg?


Scorp, “Allready” knows so don’t worry about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably noticed the the problem is, that there is no sirius round atm.


yeah sure there isnt

  • Galaxy: Sirius 6
  • Leader: SCORP
  • Race: Wardancers
  • Family: 6035
  • Networth: 2181673
  • Population: 2179124
  • Planets: 298

check again …


No sirius open for joining at least, so that could be the problem.


Sirius is on hyper server, not classic server


noob cakes… thanks Veg for drawing him the picture


was your draftee on the hyper server when he tried to join?


now that may be the reason sir thanks pie !


no problem!

/me quietly hands the thanks to pickle