Division of Infinitum – MOO & PiP

Seriously folks, what is going within Infinitum?

Why are empires in such a rush to split into two factions – the MOOs and the PiPs?

Whom are the leaders behind each of these factions, and what are your intentions?

M00 here

We just enjoy cow pictures

Here have one for you too enjoy… he’s in my kitchen when it was -40F outside

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MOO is being led by Godfather @PIGCASSO .

Weeeeeeee pig? :open_mouth:

you gonna turn that cow into some nice kabab, TBO ??

i thought kebab was made out of pork? :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course people go off topic after just a handful of posts. LOL

I am curious as to why so many players in the top 50 and beyond felt it was a necessity to have two super alliances in such a new galaxy? That tends to support there being an imbalance in the game that hopefully will be addressed, although it might already be too late for Infinitum.


almost 7 days into the round and not a single attack.

Talking bout imbalance…

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Or perfect balance?


It would be surprising but I think with it being a never-ending galaxy that everyone is taking a more cautious stance and avoiding the scoundrel tag that comes with expo raiding.

Plus after all the yelling and near rioting during MW68, people might be a bit tired of drama.

Check my infil @Terror_of_the_Night I’ve landed at all your planets

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The pips are all just infra and chill. Wait it out 2 years and then we will have our day. Until then, enjoy another 715 days of infra whoring

Recorded for prosperity. Just in case, you know.

This is the universe where enemies become frenemies , East meets West , heartache makes romance , everyone love everyone

and i’m stuck in the middle all on me bloody lonesome

Wait…what is this moo and pip thing? Who is moo and who is pip

MOO people like cows, while the PIPs are just Pretty in Pink

They are two mega alliances that have split a supermajority of active players in the galaxy.

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Ahh, ok

PiP stands for Truth, Justice, Freedom and Brotherhood, those other guys? I don’t know man… They seem a little suspect, my agents found THIS! :thinking: Hmmmm?