Developments in June

Good day Ladies an Gentlemen, wanted to give ya’ll a quick run down on what we are doing in June for Imperial Conflict.

We are planning on taking the game offline after Milky way 76 for up to a day (24 hours) but most likely just a few hours but you would be surprised what Gremlins can do, we are taking the site offline to switch servers.

Any new features we have been working on are going to be put on hold until we can figure out what is affecting performance as no one likes to stare at a 404 screen.

We are have been removing existing non-essential website Features which do not effect gameplay such as New forum posts, and recent attacks.

The Galaxy Infinitum will be paused or put in Stasis after Milkyway 76 but we will not remove it, so when Milkyway ends that will be your current state when it returns.

and Lastly what you have all been waiting on, we will open a SS galaxy in place of Milkyway. Milkyway will be Temporarily Closed for the time being. So only one galaxy will be running at this time.

Thank you for your continue support of Imperial Conflict an please Toss a coin to your Witcher