Since you removed the option to delete, there should be a change to inactives being removed. The 48 hour timer should either be removed all together or set to something shorter like 12 hours. This way you don’t ruin the round for an entire family when someone wants to delete but keeps logging in, not aware of the 48 hour rule. Thanks.


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already implemented. leader can set inactive, an remove the person… only thing the 48 hour rule does is allow the leader to collect the resources an possibly disable defenses.

or i can be entirely wrong about this reading your chat log.

Because the zero tick bug totally messed up my start I asked to be removed.

Family set me inactive around two days ago, giving me time to transfer stuff in a neat way. Basically I transferred all infra, all planets and expo’d out for them.

But now they are stuck with me as inactive for another 48h since last login as it seems. Which hurts them badly because they loose out on expo potential.

Pretty sure that is a bug with the setting inactive then… would have to find the thread, but I remember it being explained like @Soull said

yeah I imagine it might be set that way now to prevent, what Orbit did to his family. So you can’t just mark inactive now an wipe completely out. but could be wrong.

I am not sure if this is across the system, but in Manthano, when you kill off an inactive, you get their resources. I believe 48 hours is way too long and there should be a better fail-safe in place. I think everyone can log in at least once per 24 hours, it’s very simple to take 30 seconds and do that. There should be an option where the person wanting to quit can select a button in empire settings that allows them to be able to be killed off immediately.

There can also be built-in controls that disable this function for the first 48 hours of a round to prevent abuse, and say within the first 48 hours of someone randoming in to prevent abuse that way as well (so that they can’t just join, send reousrces, get killed off, rejoin and repeat).

Just some thoughts. This round was ruined anyways, but now it’s being ruined even more and seems like it could be improved for the future rather easily.

Well… you mean like a delete button?

Basically yes, not sure why that was removed, or when it was removed. I was thinking this would be more of a “check the box” and then your fam still has to kill you off.

A potential fix to the delete button if it came back would be to not allow people to rejoin after deleting. Could also make it so that once you join a fam, you cannot delete for at least 48 hours after joining a family to prevent people from using multiple accounts to join, donate, and delete.

What if the leader is inactive and the other guy in fam so you can’t gain leadership to remove them ?