Defense station destroyed while moving

Defence station gets destroyed while moving to a system…
So while moving it was hoovering a system where we did not have any planets untill I took 1.

EA T-898 During the attack by Cornwood, our Defense Station in the system was destroyed!
EA T-898 After a brave fight our family member Spades had to flee the planet planet 6 in the 27,18 system which was attacked by Cornwood of family 7172.
SA T-896 The forces of Spades took planet 6 in the 27,18 system from MountainDew (7172).

Defence station was moving to 27,16
Is this possible, or did my leader moved it to wrong coords? Think i checked the coords and it was moving to 27,16. Not sure anymore offcourse

EDIT: i’m sure it was moving to 27,16… we didn’t own 70% of the system so we could never move it to 27,18 by mistake


Same happened to us yesterday, was destroyed while moving, pretty sure it does not go anywhere while being moved

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Yea i believe it is now not moving at all until the following tick

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It was coming from home system.

Family Defense

A Defense Station is defending the 27,21 system and moving to the 27,16 system.

When its moving it goes from 1 system to the next and then it ‘defends’ that system.
However it should not defend it, it should hoover, go to the next and only start defending when its over the system its really needs to defend.

Has this always been like this? Can’t really tell
So when its passing a system where you have 1 planet, and in that tick someone attacks your planet… its lost?

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D-stations defend the first system until it has fully moved to the new system.
The state change happens on the tick.

Why does it defend the systems it passes when moving each tick? Doesnt make any sense

To be clear: it was not moving from 27,18 it was passing it while it was moving from a greater distance

@I_like_pie need clarification on how the defense station moves… surely it does not move system by system until it arrives at the coords set.