Defense Station cost formula

The cost to build a new DS is simply family_networth * 5 . Code is getting fixing up related code which, amongst other things, will make this super easy and safe to adjust.

Does anyone have any thoughts, or ideas on if DS cost is working, isn’t working, what should or shouldn’t change?

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Apparently you can kill your own ds on intra fam attacks when it is in transit :rofl: :eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

More constructive. With high resource start everyone builts all DS at t=1 cheap. If you put a delay on it than a cheap ds could be prevented.

Ds should be moveable by fa imho

Price of 5 nw is fine.

50k x size could also be interesting


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Thanks @The_LiGhTgUnS.

Do you mind posting your other thoughts in #support:ideas? We’re trying to focus on just the cost formula here; it’s easy to get distracted with other DS-related features.