Default Galaxy On Login

Boom! Sexy Quality Of Life Update Idea!

Have the ability to set the default login to a specific open galaxy, not have to keep going to the gate. It could be a nullable variable that stores a round ID and when I click login, instead of showing the list of galaxies that I’m in, send me straight to my preferred galaxy. I, as well as others, am only in one galaxy. It makes more sense for me to just go straight to this galaxy on login (and switch empire if I want to join a new galaxy) than to be shown an extra page each time I open the game.
For ease of switching and removing the preference, the option could just be a radio button on the gate page which takes effect on the next login (because it wouldn’t be noticeable before then anyway).

My idea would be that when you do click login, once you are accepted as a valid user, it checks for a default galaxy,
if none → loadgate.php.
if x → go to x.

On galaxy end (if ended early, then this point and not the true end like it currently has (shown by BE3)) it gets reset back to null and loads gate as is currently the way (avoid logging into a non-existing galaxy/round).

Switch empire would still exist and you can also have no preference selected so everyone can be happy but it gives those that prioritise or only play one galaxy that QoL to not load up gate (which depending on network speed could be a pain), click a button then load the galaxy anyway.

Also logging in seems to be taking a few seconds longer than it used to but that could be split into another thread, I’m on >110Mbps down ~10 up and still seeing it much slower than a couple years ago.

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This sounds like a nice win.

We could simplify it to just auto-log into “last galaxy”.

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I guess … but this saves … what, one click?

Still over 3 hours a year

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Fix login timer first pls :anguished: