Custom Race Point Increase


For some years now when building a custom race you have been given 120 points.

However for various reasons I’d propose that +20 race points are added to this number.

I think it could be a fun / useful / fair addition to the game.

There are 2 or 3 main reason for this request, such as:

A: Predefined Races:

The predefined races all use more points than 120.

My maths might be slightly wrong in places but from what I can tell at a glance the predefined races look a little something like this…

Camaar: -10 Race Points

Total Race Points to build Camaar: 130

Revalons: -40 Race Points

Total Race Points to build Revalons: 160

War Dancers: -90 Race Points

Total Race Points to build War Dancers: 210

Partaxian: -120 Race Points

Total Race Points to build Partaxian: 240

Quantam: -120 Race Points

Total Race Points to build Quantam: 240

Basically 240 points to build a race is a LOT MORE than the 120 points we get, in fact for years it has felt certain predefined races are 100% over powered.

B: Banking:

I would say with a smaller number of players and shorter round that there is a banking crisis.

As stated in other posts, years ago there could have been 2,3,4,5 bankers all piling money into one family, but now with less players and shorter rounds your lucky to have 1 good banker.

I think adding +20 points to the custom race builder would allow people to build slightly nicer / better custom banker races.

If your an attacker reading this then honestly what would you do with an extra 20 points?

Not actually a great deal, you would maybe give yourself +10 magic and a few spells.

That actually for most attackers it wouldn’t make a great deal of difference.

However for a custom banker race I think +20 points could be really useful.

It could help them build a slightly tougher banker race / it could help them take droids / it could help them take more spells and ops to play a bigger role in the family.

Years ago a family might have had several bankers, several resource guys, several attackers and even a special operations player. Now we don’t have that luxury, so it makes sense to get bankers more involved in the game either with special operations or combat support.

I have seen custom banker races and all they have is Space Amaze. How boring must that be? You only job all round is simply to explore and make cash. With an extra +20 points those bankers can now help out with more operations and spells, can take droids and increase defence and reduce food use, so it would be good for bankers.

C: Stale:

The final reason is because for years now people have built the exact same races!

Oh your an attacker? Let me guess you have +50 attack / +100 speed, ECT.

Oh your a banker? Let me guess you have +50 income and TO.

I think it would be fun to simply see what people did with +20 custom race points.

I think maybe both custom attackers and bankers would find that fun?

That after years building the same old custom races they suddenly have the chance to build and play something new.

Perhaps to do this you could delete all custom races server wide and then everyone build new races with 140 points and not 120.

I’d also point out I say +20 points because I don’t think that is taking the piss.

Asking for +100 race points would be taking the piss.

I think +20 custom race points would just be enough to make a few nice changes and tweaks, but not enough to unbalance the game or the predefined races either.

How would you feel if +20 custom race points were added to the game?

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Prefix races have always been best in their personal role. I made a post on my own idea about this in another topic.

A better idea is to move the custom cap limits to -50 and + 100

This gives the 20 extra points you wanted but also makes the custom race more frail in other areas.

Maby limit it to -50 in max one role and make the 80 to 100 range cost extra.

Just read my post in ideas


Both good ideas I would like to see spells ops reset I think it would balance make them work again.

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I think at one point Pie was talking about redoing the science section and from the sounds of it spells and ops may become potentially unlockable in the science section…

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