Craft Beer Drinkers

Heyhey! What beers are ya drinking / any breweries to be looking out for?

Hopslam made it to Cincinnati this weekend and I may or may not have bought 5 6-packs :stuck_out_tongue:

image *

*one is in the fridge


Visiting the family back in San Diego is an excuse for me to tour around all the great breweries. My go-to’s are Belching Beaver, Mother Earth, and Karl Strauss. Over in DC, I’ve found Port City to be a good one. Half Acre in Chicago was always solid too.

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Ah I never made it to those while I was down there. I went to a few, my favorite was Pure Project. And I went on the tour of Stone which was a blast (I legitimately went down there because I wanted to tour stone :stuck_out_tongue: )

I haven’t gone to many in Chicago yet. I went to Burnt City last weekend and their beer was pretty good - plus you can bowl for a reasonable price!

The best beer I ever had was way back at uni, when a friend took me to a local restaurant in DC. We both had two growlers of this amazing dark ale that was so full of flavor. It also put the floor at an amazing distance from my eyes when I stood up to go use the restroom. I wish I could remember what beer that was.

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Oh man @DustyAladdin I go back home to SD about one a month and every time I think about Belching Beaver’s peanut butter milk stout nitro. :drooling_face:

@audiodef I just had the same thing happen in Vegas; I was there for their first friday festival and hit up a bar that had this amazing stout that was 12% but tasted nothing like it. I can’t remember what it was though! :ic_cry: It was so damned smooth! A creeper for sure.

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Those unremembered mystery beers are the best.

U guys need to come to oregon for the good stuff…lol :slight_smile: we got so many to choose from…some of my favs, boneyard, Deschutes brewery, 10 barrel, worthy brew, silvermoon…

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Deschutes is wonderful! Beer aside, that pretzel is :ok_hand:. :drooling_face:

Quite some nice craft beers from the US, we have some pretty nice crafts beers here in Netherlands, but the real good stuff comes from Belgium…
With the all-time winner being Westvleteren

@audiodef - Sweetwater tavern in DC has growlers and lots of dark ales.

Best brew pub used to be Dominion brewery in Northern Virginia. You could buy their growlers to fill and take home. Everybody showing up at block parties with their growlers lol. Then Anheuser busch bought them and shut down most of their brewing.

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Whenever I get to go to Belgium for work I bring an extra suitcase to bring one or two dozen beers back. My favorites are La Trappe tripel, Westmalle dubbel, and Straffe Hendrik quadrupel.

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Don’t forget Leffe and imo Gouden/Golden Carolus trippel is one of the best special craft beers I had. I had Straffe Hendrik trippel a couple weeks back.

The real craft beers come from Belgium only, not US :slight_smile:

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Totally with you on that. When I lived in Belgium, I got through a lot of the 12% brune.

Brewdog is a brewery very close to my home, can’t say i’ve been overly fond of what I’ve tasted from them.
Another local brewer is Deeside Brewery, i’ve tried a couple of theirs and love them, especially a dark ale called Macbeth
i get annoyed with all the grapefruit hops that get used, it does not produce a good beer

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