Countdown timer to end of round

How about a count down timer similar to the one used when relations have been broken which count down during the least few days of the round…this will enable everyone to plan their EOR jumps (I assume these still occur) and not make the classic mistake of getting the hours wrong due to different time zones :slight_smile:

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Milky Way 64 is ending in 01 days and 03:51:clock330:
It is above your empire(s) on the log out/in screen.

Classic mistake of not looking well enough or does Pie need to integrate a banner with flashing lights? :slight_smile:

Banner with flashing lights would be great as I obviously miss it when logging in :stuck_out_tongue:

Email notification with 1 second interval?

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Might be too silly to ask…
But I’d also input something like…
"You can still build these units or buildings until round ends:

  • Droids
  • Transports
  • Mining Facilities

He could put it in COUNCIL of empire in the galaxy