Oldtimers know the drill. Those who don’t: post embarrassing confessions of people from chat here!

Mrblonde Today at 9:55 PM

My boobs are plenty
No need for yucky female ones

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Today at 4:19 AM:
lol ghzy

The_Unknown Today at 8:23 PM

primo is gay

TC Today at 8:23 PM
primo IS gay

The_Unknown Today at 8:23 PM

shirey you catn
hahah true
amok is also gay i think

TC Today at 8:24 PM

are you sure?
how do you know?

The_Unknown Today at 8:24 PM

primo toldme

These aren’t confessions x(

TC already ruining the thread on post nr 2 …

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Maybe you should give better confessions while intoxicated. I don’t see how this is my fault.

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TC Today at 11:28 AM

you’re gay

Mrblonde Today at 12:21 PM

I am

Who cares about people being gay or whatever? I for one really don’t care about anyone’s sexual preference as long as it’s not with kids. Other than kids, everyone is free to be into whatever they like.

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Oh no one cares, at all. If people did care I don’t think I’d post it, that would go against the whole spirit of this thread I think.

Very true TC! We should be celebrating the free spirit MrBlonde has, and the confidence he has in the IC community that he can just be whoever he wants to be here :smiley:

Such a shame, we had so much better confessions back in the daaaaa-o… daaa-aaaa-aaaa-o.

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Get your political correctness out of here, it has no place in this thread X(


Maybe you need to make better confessions then? I blame you and @The_Unknown

I_like_pie Yesterday at 10:49 PM

i am enjoying it, yes
i showed my gf and she said: “this makes me uncomfortable”
how rude!


You’re gay

Not really a confession, but still very truthful.

Caedmon Last Thursday at 11:04 AM

This one time in fotball practise, there was more than 9 men inside me during an 8,3 minutte shower session, i was more dirty when i came out than i was going in. He he he.

@Caedmon ur sick cead! SICK!

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It was rugby not football, get your facts straight Fagwing

Airwing Last Thursday at 11:08 AM

Oh man you’re so lucky cead, i wish I was there!

@Airwing I’m not the only one with a sick mind…

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I reckon it was definitely not fotball