Concord Surveillance Commission - Report 1.10

Stardate, Y1, W10.

CSC Reporting Officer: Onus
Reporting to: General Caen

  1. Galactic Details.
    Approximately 700 habitable planets with densely clustered systems. The appearance of the system appears to have tied the fate of four groups of several races. Galaxy status remains in perfect harmony as expected, planar regularities remain intact.

  2. Intruding Empires.
    A group of empires are working together under the guise of ancient Greek Olympians it appears. They have taken hold of the south west sectors with strong aggression towards the center of the galaxy. I cannot confirm if they have the technology to understand what they will find the the galaxy’s absolute center but we must not find out. Sir, one more thing… they appear to be nude.
    A second group of empires seem to be runoff from the Greek Olympians, they identify as Ancient Romans. How comical, these primitive empires pretend to be even more primitive than they are, and will fight each other for control of something they do not know… how… primitive. Sorry Sir I’ll find that thesaurus you were speaking of.
    Two more groups of renegades have appeared in opposite sectors. They appear to be pirates of some sort, unorganized, but extremely dangerous. We would be wise to monitor them periodically… one of the empires are the feared Wardancers.

  3. Resolution.
    It appears as though none of these empires are willing to back down. In conclusion I suggest we allow them to destroy each other first before we make our move.

This report was written and signed by Officer Onus and is strictly prohibited to be viewed by anyone it is not intended for.


Finally, some bloody new storyline to this game. People have waited 18 years for more non downloaded downloadable content.

Stardate, Y1, W18.

CSC Reporting Officer: Kech
Reporting to: Health inspector Bayeux

  1. Junior officer Windel seems to have lost his mind and is filling confidential reports with talk about “downloads”.

  2. Please plan for an inspection as soon as possible.


Stardate, Y2, W16.

Some letters reporting Junior Officer: Windel
Reporting to: some rank some person

(Insert Tab) 1. I don’t quite understand the report system but Health Inspector Bayeux has given me some mental guidance.

(Insert Tab) 2. She has given me a full body inspection and let me give her one.

(Insert Tab) 3. image

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