Community-driven Q&A

We have an ancient FAQ that is still kind of useful but also contains a lot of outdated information. :ic_cry: We are long overdue to replace that with something more accurate. :ic_happy:

Instead of requiring staff to manage this, we are using the #support:questions forum as a community-driven Q&A platform. This works by threads in that category gaining some extra functionality:

(1) All Questions are Wiki Posts that the community can edit

Any new thread started in #support:questions is automatically a wiki that can be edited by any user that has gained The Basic Badge.

You should edit questions if you think they can be improved for clarity. Don’t be shy! We are taking inspiration from Stack Overflow to empower you to better help your fellow players.

If your post is edited, you didn’t do anything wrong or break any rules, it just means that another player wanted to improve upon it with the goal to get more useful answers.

(2) A specific reply can be marked as the solution

When a solution is identified, it will be shown within the original post for others to find quickly.

(3) Solutions also become Wiki Posts

The solution will also be made wiki-editable so the community can continue to improve it or update it as necessary.

As a reminder, the #support:questions forum is meant as a reference guide. Please keep discussions focused on answering the actual question. Unrelated conversations should go in their respective forum categories.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in — you guessed it: #support:questions. :ic_laugh:


We’re doing away with the upvotes and threaded replies, they proved to be more confusing than useful.

Instead, a specific post can be marked as a solution and wiki-edited by the community to be updated/improved.