Community discussion draft spot in infinitum

Should we allow a draft spot in infinitum? Letting the players decide as it’s only fair since y’all are playing the Galaxy.

A player came to us asking if we could let his friend play with them in there family. He saw there were families with two players in it but did not realize they were randoms.

How do you feel about it?

  • Yay
  • Nay

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24 hour Voting phase.

The people have Spoken… (6) of your peers have voted and the majority voted to allow 1 draft spot for the Galaxy. this will allow your family to have a maximum of 2 family members at this time.

Here’s a question though, whats allowing draft spots, if the galaxy is other wise full? I’m sure a few will delete and maybe draft I’d that’s a possibility, but what about the lack of planets for incoming draftees

This is a bigger issue we must address. working in baby steps now… I assume its a real Imperial Conflict, an naps might need to be broken to gain more planets.

I only have me in my fam… I could draft now? (well when this changes goes ahead)

If you draft someone you know with a draft… geezer :slight_smile: