Coming back to my roots

Hi all…

Used to play this game a lot when I was younger (back in 06-7).

Pretty sure I am still in the historic rankings for the hardcore map but don’t know where they are?! My old name was Radiation I think…or something along those lines.

Forgotten how to play completely to be honest…and so need a bit of mentoring if anyone’s interested in the challenge?

Want to make a banker class, an all round class and an attacking class but again, not sure what should have what other than bankers have tax offices.

Also want to join a galaxy when one becomes available and need to know the best starting play…like for a banker, how many cash facilities, tax offices, etc etc.

I’m a financial adviser by profession so wouldn’t mind being a banker for my first galaxy entry haha!

Thanks in advance

Quantmebad of Quanflict

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Hey dude! Welcome back! A new round will start in Andromeda on April 1st, that would be q good time to pick up the play again! I’m site your fam members will help you out

Welcome and it will work out while playing.