Cold Remedies

I’ve been sick all week, it’s really messing me up. It got me wondering though, what do you all do when you’re sick? Do you have any favorite home remedies?

I remember years ago a friend of mine made me some crazy spicy soup with a bunch of whole peppers thrown in. It was sooooo good. This time around I’ve just been pounding water non-stop but that soup does sound pretty nice. :thinking: :hot_pepper:

Whisky gets me through the toughest of times. Both physically sick and emotionally :stuck_out_tongue:


my grandma allways said a warm beer and a schnaps helps
well… it helps

Shots of Jameson before bed and she. You wake up and also at lunch, if you feel like it, you can take as many as you want between

Whisky, tea with lemon and ginger or spicy food that makes u sweat like a pig!
Do pigs sweat actually?:thinking:

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Centrum like 9 a day.

Onions, sliced - leave them around the area you are staying (look it up).

Keep yourself very clean, especially your hands.

Brush your teeth often.

Eat crazy healthy, you can’t taste anything anyway.

At least, if none of that really helps you will have lost healthy weight and raised your charisma score a few points when you get over it.


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Marine Corps taught us the “suck it up” trick. You just keep going forward and pretend you aren’t sick. Then eventually, you either really are not sick, or you fall over and then we know for sure you are and they take you to a hospital.

never fails!


Cyanide works perfect for any ailment.
Taking it once will solve all your health issues.

One could argue that it worsens your health, to the end of the bad health spectrum!

No health means no bad health

A lack of health is worse than bad health. Its a nice play on words bit it is too easily defeated by those with 2% brain power.

Mrblonde taking cyanide would indeed greatly increase my mental health