Click click fail :/

When building on a planet on phone. About 1/15 times I am unable to click and it work

It’s on the the main planet list, clicking on build on an individual planet.i have to click build 5/6/7 times before it registers.

The button is clicked (I watch it go over the motions ) but it just doesn’t do anything.

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New app or your regular browser? Has this always occured? Did you get a new screen protector recently?

Yeah sometimes stalls for me too. Use chrome no protector?

Also be good to know how many planets you have in that galaxy your having issues on? I just tested it on a Galaxy which I have over 3k planets an yes it did take a minute. Almost need to have a default view an a expanded view option to cut down on load times

On phone, on chrome.

Didn’t happen until very recently

I don’t use screen protectors I hate them

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Happened with 9
And again with a few more.

Nothing over 25

this has to do with pressing the back button to get back to the planets page

compared to pressing the planets button again

as far as i can tell, iv had this happen to me only in this instance and its pretty consistant

On mobile chrome i have this issue only when i click the backpage button, the bottom 4 links will then not work until i refresh the page

if you click the select all and then reselect you will be able to use the bottom 4 buttons again