Clean up for Cords Tool

I find this annoying when I copy whole sentence that have cords in it and then paste it, i want to simplify it for cords only. IC Map Gen do that back then we dont use it anymore.

It’s annoying that I have to clean up by removing words or sentences between cords.

Can you make a tool and add it to tools page? I think it should be easy to make?

Easy to make, by I mean, for developers… :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s an example of a sentence that you would normally copy?

Copy several lines at once from Family News OR copy several lines at once from Planet Views page

I have to delete each sentence one by one or edit it between cords.

I tried to copy and paste as example but i have to edit it, im like ugh, i just tell you what lol

Cleaning up the text seems a band-aid, would it solve the issue if instead you had a button to prepare a list of just the coords?

like that?

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Yeah, but without the need to copy/paste either. There could be a button on relevant pages that says something like “Prepare List” and it would save a list of coords to your clipboard.

We could do better than even that tbh. What’s the use case for these lists? Who are you sharing them with, and why? We don’t have to limit ourselves to manually passing lists around if the game can be built to share things directly.

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oh yeah, i tested it, yes thats what im asking about, i didnt realize this exists. :open_mouth:

But yeah, Pie, “Prepare List” would be nice. Sharing them with family members, and allies…

Enemies, perhap if IA is allowed…

Nice idea. Almost like a ‘snipping tool’ - here’s some planets, I’ll give you some context, do something with this list.

I would also be nice to be able to log that this was shared somewhere (maybe even use that largely unused ‘log’ function?!)…

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The tool should handle most formats.

If you find a format that it doesn’t cater for just add it here and I should be able to update the tool to deal with it.

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