Clan Wars PvC

New thread.

Alright so since the self proclaimed PvC king isnt gonna do this then I shall take a stab at it for my 2nd time.

Im not going to call this pretenders vs contenders, as i believe finally after many years, thanks to @HydroP, we have a balance in talent and fairness in acticity/skilll/fun amongst all the fams.

I will call this just " the contenders". I may not make predictions as to number 1 but will speak about strengths etc.


  1. Kingray
  2. Dukey
  3. Daffy
  4. WhoFlungDung
  5. Airwing
  6. Exposed

Lead by Kingray, a relatively new yet skilled player leading some veterans, will he remain leader? And will his advisers be able to swivel the ship in the right direction accordingly? We shall see. IMO they have the number 1 pick in Dukey, who is a maniac of an attacker with ample experience in the battlefront as well as leading fams is a huge bonus for this fam, right behind dukey we have Airwing, who on any given day can go head to head with the best, infact HydroP was considering drafting him even with all the anomisity history those 2 share. Exposed I have played with, a very active player who can bank or ressie and a complete player. Whoflungdung is an ally in infinity, havent had many interactions but from what i have, hes a solid team player, thrn we round off with Mr Daffy, he can compete head to head with tbo for ultimate troll :crazy_face:. Solid player and an assett. My take on this fam is that they are a well rounded family with alot of talent and lead by a competetent leader who if he takes advice, will be competing for the win. I dont see any egos clashing here even though AW is known to speak his mind, i believe reason will prevail.


  1. Darrk
  2. TheBigOne
  3. Luker
  4. Dronze
  5. Ocho
  6. Spike

Definitely one of my favorite families, not that others arent but if i had to choose another family I would be happy in, it would be this one. Im a sucker for some late night sexting with @Darrk. Lead by the mad genius himself, expect these guys to push away in econ early and stay there unless some unforseen gangbang occurs, knowing darrk he will receive that with open legs and some tricks in return. His first pick, my favorite troll TBO. a solid player, team player, keeps everyone happy with his brilliant humor and is never greedy for himself. Is that worth a number 1 pick? :crazy_face::kissing_heart:. Darrk got lucky @Luker8969 was available in the 2nd round, IMO top 3 attacker, and the attacking strength will revolve around this sexy man. Ochoooooooo Sincooooo. One of the funnest chill dudes i know and had the pleasure to ally with in infinity. Dependable, active and know his business. Dronze and spike i dont know much about but im sure they will be assets. DARRK has a solid group of players , as long as they dont mind being micro managed, these guys look unstoppable. Just keep in mind, darrks micro management comes with a super econ :love_you_gesture:


  1. Schniepel
  2. Ordos
  3. MrBlonde
  4. Ax3l
  5. Daylight
  6. Oldie

I really dont know much about these guys except a few. Schneipel seems a fun player, clearly skilled, I’ve heard from others and seeing this fam chat in the channel, they are definitely gonna have fun. Ordos ive played and won last round with. Hes a full on team player, he has super patience specially last round when i was constantly having my period, never complains, awesome at handling a fam. Axel another last round player, @Ax3l is the only reason i stuck it out last round, dude never gives up, active as hell and can do it all. MrBlonde Daylight and oldie I really dont know much about. All i know about MrBlonde is is his belief about europeans being more classy than americans lol.
I would say these guys can be strong but activity and seeing other fams pull away might demoralize them. I hope im wrong.


  1. Kratom
  2. thirdrock
  3. Jets
  4. Schnapp
  5. Exceed
  6. MTGDad

Lead by Kratom, a solid player, surrounded by some active tallent, this fam has the ability to suprise some of the others. MtG is a solid player when hes active, ive seen him lead some top 3 fams past rounds, a good player to have around. Jets mr PvC himself when active and motivated can be anyones bane, he claims to be top 5, no disagreements but we will want to see some top 5 behavior this round Jets, cause otherwise we gonna have to put u in the top 30 with the rest of us. Thirdrock schnapp and exceed i dont know. But seeing as how they were selected i have no doubts these 3 will play their part. This fam seems to lack egos whichs is awesome and i look forward to seeing them do well.


  1. Genesis
  2. Protoss
  3. Player1
  4. Rivan
  5. Zeratel
  6. Star99

Super strong fam and id have to pick these guys to be another big gun when firing all cylinders. Gen as you all know is 2nd to none in experience and brains. Has an impeccable record in mw dating back to the early 2000s, an honorable leader that doesn’t sway. Gen made some really good picks with Picking Protoss early, another top 3 of mine, Protoss is super active, highly skilled and has passion, will be a huge asset for the fam being their number 1 attack i think. Player1 a buddy of protoss i believe and a very active attacker, my interactions last round with player1 were brief but he left an impression. Even when their number 1 deleted, he didn’t give up, stayed active with retakes, even came back eor with some fiery ops. I think him and protoss leading the attack will be deadly if funded properly which i dont see as a problem with Gen handling econ. Star99 is a very active player, needs some guidance at times but this fam has ample experience . Rivan i haven’t played with. My ol buddy Zeratel, a solid harkonnen vet, he will only be an assett and deadly during wars. Top fam!


  1. Swagga
  2. Pitbull
  3. Undeath
  4. Arby3
  5. IC_Death
  6. flipmode

love their name, love their players, love their strength.
I think finally Swagga man will have the line up he needs to show his might! A cool dude finally surrounded by some cooler dudes :love_you_gesture:. Pitbull leading the attack possibly with Flip or ICD is gonna be a handfull. Flips a solid player, active vet that can do it all. ICD has a history longer than most players here alongside people like Gen hydro etc… has won rounds leading himself. Will he stay active and motivated? Wow im only mentioning Arby now. Another grizzlly vet and a solid strategist their econ which i thought would be their weakness is gonna be just fine​:ok_hand:. Undeath another vet slash mod? Cool dude. Solid player, knows his business, minds his own and does his thing. Can be fiery at times but you need that.


  1. HydroP
  2. HellraizeR
  3. WiLd
  4. Goddess of the Dead
  5. Scorp
  6. Missy

Lead by the tyrannt himself , look to this fam to set the pace. A well balanced fam and most are orginal horde members. Additions of Goddess and Missy. 2 super active players, goddess is an assett to any fam, she ix literally online 247 and super dependable and has quite quickly gained a great reputation amongst thr vets. Missy ive only heard great things about, seems to be Godesses twin :love_you_gesture:. Attacking lead by the superslut WiLd himself, is gonna be a pleasure and nostalgic to play with my brother again on the same side. Top 3 attacker imo, as AW stated, " to beat WiLd you need a 247 attacker ". Scorp another grizzlly vet and horde warlord, can play any role, super active and with a vile mouth he will set the tone for Horde war cries. Then we have the tyrannt Hydro who has put all this together, a strategical genius, lives inside excel and never easily impressed. Always looking 5 moves ahead can be super annoying but what you get in return is a very relaxed family, as you know things are being handled as you sleep. Dont expect him to always agree but he will always take your voice into consideration then flush it down the toilet The horde will be targeted but with some honorable leaders out there, i dont see any big gangbangs. dont let these guys get too far ahead.

In conclusion i should get to know more players. Hope you enjoyed :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


Who’s up next!

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1 reply from an essay of a PvC

Definitely not doing another. Unappreciative mother fuckers :crazy_face:

I can see why jets takes months and keeps it short!

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This is the best PvC I ever read.


Too little too late :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You’re not missing out :wink:

I stopped reading after you said I was active :slight_smile:

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So did I!

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:fire: I am finally able to peruse this in One shot. Niice- well done! It is Firm, Fair, and Honest!! A Master Piece Of Contenders!! :fire: :vulcan_salute: :sunglasses::fu::fire:

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“Wow im only mentioning Arby now. Another grizzlly vet and a solid strategist their econ which i thought would be their weakness is gonna be just fine​:”

For the record…I haven’t played in 2 years…so…good luck everybody else!


great pvc :smiley:



Am not :smirk:


Nice p vs C… Hellz and Darkk the next power couple? Darrk married the last hot thing he was with from IC.

@Jets Since about MW 6, every time @HellRaizeR and I try to get it on, we get gang banged by bitches, or cockblocked by @HydroP. :confused::confused::confused::sob:

Well dang, y’all don’t have faith in me?

1 #7091: X-MEN: 2019 [50,19] 1,130,145

These guys doing good is not coming as a shock to me, but this good is kinda amazing :stuck_out_tongue:
Swagga is wearing pink but I kinda doubt hes behind their success as he is one of those guys who never seems to able to get out of the n00b zone. but with infra players like arby,undeath there is no doubt they have the ability to build :slight_smile: Anyfam with flipmode and pitbull is gone be a hard nut to crack. Overall a solid fam! I dont see who is gone be their big fleet holder without crashing or getting their figs killed…PB and flip might just make this a freak show worth watching :smiley:
Pretenders that might be contenders

2 #7095: Immortals [72,51] 1,107,008 365 629,557

if this fam dosent win this round I will be amazed :stuck_out_tongue: there is so much game knowledge here and with Protoss as attack these guys will be close to unbeatable now with this strong Econ. They all know whats needed to bring a fam into war preparations and how to actually jump smart etc etc… enough said.
Contenders #1

3 #7092: Veggies Day 7: It has begun! [35,32]

I am bit amazed by these guys, but they seem to have found their way to coop and get their shit in order.i fail to see who will be their attackers and win against players like pitbull, Protoss, Wild. Etc I hope for their sake they are able to stear clear of those heavy hitters cause I dont think it will end well in a fight like that, unless they cancel smart when someone is coming out of war etc… Imo this is fam filled with support players, so no wonder they are doing great at this stage.


4 #7096: Fight For The Horde [41,64]
The horde slowed down, I guess they are portaling or saving for somthing :slight_smile: in this game with attack formula not being as it should and with all these shares it dosent matter if u got Wild if he is underfunded, but if he is funded and active as he can be, this fam is Imo the only fam that can challenge Genesis and Co. and with support players that could be main attack, I expect insane use of partaxians in a organized way not often seen. When it comes to structure I think these guys are #1 atm and have a plan for the next weeks already in mind. Power house

Contenders #2

5 #7093: Primal Rage [65,32]

A fam filled with decent players, but I think a lot of them are rusty like thirdrock crashing is ground in SS gal etc…jets proved to be kinda useless last rounds, than there is MTG that is evolving but stil n00bienowhere…these guys will be a planet farm. I dont even see them bothering to retake much… I think in the end there will be kratom and shnap… loosing their shit, pulling their hair out of their heads because the rest gave up. Fyi I might be totally wrong and I hope so… best of luck to ya :stuck_out_tongue:
Contenders to be farmed first :stuck_out_tongue: PRETENDERS!

6 #7097: Thats all Folks! [59,64]
My fam, lead by kingray who is a young motivated guy but dosent have the game exp and is trying to steer the ship from a phone that might be a Nokia 3310 since he can’t see plists :stuck_out_tongue: In theory we have the know how and players to execute, but we struggle to put words into actions. Its been a long never ending road of fuck ups and now it seems activity is dropping some and when the sperm has left the dickhole all you wana do is rest :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont see us winning any wars as we are out eco’ed already and that should only get worse. i think we will put up a better fight than some of the fams above us but we might not be able to compete in the fleet area.

7 #7094: - The Simpsons - [28,51]
pickle is back and with a crew that in theory should be doing a lot better, I think they struggle with much of the same shit my fam is going through. Laziness and fuck ups. On the attack front I see these guys fight well but won’t be able to compete with fleets needed in bigger wars. These guys might fly under the radar and end up way higher in the end. They guys are stayers, and won’t give up. So I would watch out for them and I expect them to slowly grown and rise on the ranking. All in all PRETENDERS


Pretty damn good @Airwing. :trophy:

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After all the personal shout outs ive given you @Airwing all you can muster for me is a “support player” :crazy_face::crazy_face:

Pretty good PvC slut :love_you_gesture:


Who is Airwing again ?

Nice PVC btw :blush: