Clan Wars Official Thread

Alright everyone,

Welcome! The time has come for people to start joining their clans and registering for Clan Wars!!

Please make sure to get with your clan and get a draft code. Do NOT just random in. If your clan has nobody randomed yet, then 1 person can random and assuming they land in an empty fam, start drafting. If not, then we have to get Pie to move them into an empty family.

Please try to help me out here and lets make this as smooth as possible!

Round will begin on Aug 15th!!! I am looking forward to this and hope that everyone else is too!

Join and lets have some fun.

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Clan Setup:

NOTE: These are subject to change depending on the player count in the galaxy

  • 7 clans of 5 players each. (Ideally it will get to 10-12 clans of 7 players each, with only 5 or 6 players joining the galaxy and the others in reserve. Allowing for those players who take a round or 2 off)
  • 1 leader will have full authority over the clan. Leader can be replaced by a majority vote.
  • 1 Vice leader will have the authority to draft players or fill empty roster spots from free-agent pool. Will not have authority to make trades or cut/release players.
  • Must maintain a full roster within any 12-hour period. If a roster is not filled within 12 hours of a spot being opened, the top player in the free-agent pool will automatically be assigned to that clan. Newly acquired players can NOT be released for at least 1 round. New players may be traded at any time.


  • Round 1 all clans will be randomly assigned a draft number. The lowest number will pick in sequence (1, 2, 3) until all clans have selected a player from the player-pool.
  • Round 2 the clan with the highest number will select a player from the player-pool in reverse sequence (7, 6, 5) until all clans have selected a player.
  • Each round after the first two will continue in the same sequence as the first two rounds.
  • Once all clans have five players each, the draft will end and any remaining players will be entered into the free-agent pool.

Free-Agent Pool:

  • All players in the free-agent pool will be slotted in the order they join the free-agent pool.
  • 3 days before a round begins, “Open Free Agency” will begin and last for 2 days.
  • During “Open Free Agency”, a clan may pick up ANY player in the free-agent pool at any time of their choosing.
  • A clan may NOT go above their designated roster limit. If they choose to pick up a player and are at max roster, they must cut a player to replace them. No newly acquired player may be cut for 1 round.
  • In emergency situations, a clan will be allowed to replace a clan member with a free-agent if 50% or higher of the clan leaders agree.
  • Any player that has played a minimum of 3 rounds with their clan, may choose to “opt out” of their clan and join the free-agent pool. They will be eligible to be picked up during the free-agent phase.
  • Should a player choose to “opt out” of their clan early, they will suffer a 2-round penalty before being placed in the free-agent pool. Should a player wish to leave a clan, their first move should be to get traded and if that fails, they can choose to suffer the penalty.


  • Trading of players will only be allowed during the “Open Trade Talks” phases.
  • Open Trade Talks (OTT) will begin 5 days prior to a round starting and last for 2 days, then it will open again 1 day prior to round starting and end 1 hour before round starts.
  • Trades of any number are allowed as long as there is roster space for it. Should a clan decide to trade 2 of their members for 1 of another, as long as the other family has space for 2 players, it will be allowed. If they do not have the space, they must clear the space or no trade will be allowed.
  • Newly acquired free-agents and trades may be traded immediately upon acquisition.
  • Newly traded players may NOT be cut for 1 round.
  • Any leader may request a veto vote in the event they feel a trade is not fair. All clan leaders must then vote and 60% or will be required to veto the trade.

Great job @HydroP for all the work getting this going.

For spectators:

Good luck everybody, and have fun!


Thanks @HydroP for the work and thanks @I_like_pie for making a dream reality.


Thanks Slut @HydroP

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Thanks Hydrop for being sutch a stereotypical redneck Americana :grin: i cant wait to smack you around in your own Galaxy :kissing_heart::grin:


Danke schön @HydroP.
Some well thought out twists on this one.

No market is very interesting.
Thanks for putting in the work!

@HellRaizeR :wave:t2::female_detective::surfing_woman:t2::woman_cartwheeling:t2::sleeping_bed:t2::t_rex::avocado::railway_track::new_moon_with_face::snowman_with_snow::joystick::necktie::calling::pirate_flag::guadeloupe:

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Can you add the galaxy rules to this thread?

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nice map, i like it! good job!

Alright Title post updated!