Clan Wars I

Here is your draft order for the Clan Wars Snake Draft!

Keep in mind, that round 2 and 4 will be in reverse order!


Looking for some clarification: what is this 2 round penalty? Can’t play in Clan war for 2 rounds? Or something else?

Correct @Jag.

If you just leave your clan because you decide you don’t like it or some other reason., you will not be able to play for 2 rounds.

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Pick # Clan Leader Selection Role
1 Swagga Pitbull Attacker
2 Schniepel Ordos Fill
3 HydroP Hellz Fill
4 Kingray Dukey Fill
5 Darrk TBO Banker/Res
6 Genesis Protoss Fill
7 Kratom thirdrock Banker
8 Kratom jets Banker/Att
9 Genesis player1 Fill
10 Darrk luker Banker/Res
11 Kingray daffy Fres
12 HydroP wild Fill
13 Schniepel Blonde Fill
14 Swagga Undeath Banker
15 Swagga Arby3 Banker/Res
16 Schniepel Ax3l Fill
17 HydroP GotD Banker/Res
18 Kingray WhoFlungDung Banker/Res
19 Darrk dronze Banker/Res
20 Genesis rivan Banker/Res
21 Kratom schnapp Ressie/Att
22 Kratom exceed Ressie/Att
23 Genesis zeratel Fill
24 Darrk ocho Banker
25 Kingray airwing Ressie
26 HydroP death Banker/Att
27 Schniepel daylight Fill
28 Swagga Scorp Fill
29 Swagga flipmode Banker/Res
30 Schniepel oldie Banker/Res
31 HydroP Missy Banker
32 Kingray exposed Banker
33 Darrk spike Ressie/Att
34 Genesis star99 Fill
35 Kratom mtg_dad Banker/Res
Clan Name Members Role
The Horde HydroP Leader
WiLd Vice-Leader
Hellraizer Member
Goddess of the Dead Member
Scorp Member
Missy Member
------------- ------------- -------------
The Royal Clan Kingray Leader
Dukey Vice-Leader
Daffy Member
WhoFlungDung Member
Airwing Member
Exposed Member
------------- ------------- -------------
Clan Darrk Darrk Leader
TheBigOne Vice-Leader
Luker Member
Dronze Member
Ocho Member
Spike Member
------------- ------------- -------------
Vegetables Schniepel Leader
Ordos Vice-Leader
MrBlonde Member
Ax3l Member
Daylight Member
Oldie Member
------------- ------------- -------------
Stoned Llamas Kratom Leader
Jets Vice-Leader
thirdrock Member
Schnapp Member
Exceed Member
MTG_Dad Member
------------- ------------- -------------
Clan Genesis Genesis Leader
Protoss Vice-Leader
Player1 Member
Rivan Member
Zeratel Member
Star99 Member
------------- ------------- -------------
X-Clan Swagga Leader
Pitbull Vice-Leader
Undeath Member
Arby3 Member
IC_Death Member
Flipmode Member

Is there a reserve list? I can play if someone drops.

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Join the discord server and i will put you on the FA list

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Is it too late to be counted in? Cause I’m down.

I can add you to the list.

Pm me in discord

Free agent here ressie or bank with a preference for bank ive worked with shcniepel recentely. Bofore that i played a long time ago with flint n them.

Clan wars be like : ‘If I cancel NAP we loose eco’


we all could agree to cancel at the same time?

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Haha if i had my way we would have cancelled on everyone tick48. Now we in no position to cancel on anyone cos people keep going to sleep with the bank =D

What’s a bank?

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A mega war would be awesome :muscle:

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Everyone should remember how clan wars is scored (although Hydro should clarify if he was going to officially adjust to my proposal of adjusted nw + pop as stand ins for gold, iron, end)

So just being biggest by nw or planets is not going to cut it…

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I thought score implementation was “under review” and not going to be part of this round’s official ledger.

@HydroP ^ ?


What ^ he said.
Mega war.

I don’t remember any under review… but his scoring system wouldnt have worked easily… my suggestion around nw and pop helped solved his issue