Clan Wars I

Round Setup:

Length: 6 weeks

Starting: Thursday, August 15, 2019 @ 17:00:00 GMT

Ending: Thursday, September 26, 2019 @ 17:00:00 GMT

Market Delay: No Market

Offensive Operations Delay: 2 days
Allies: No Allies Allowed

NAPs: All clans 48-hour NAP with all other clans. Cannot be cancelled for 48 hours.

Galaxy Size: 120x120 (systems in a 80x80 area)

Systems: 500

Planets: 4,000

Clans: 7

Clan Size: 6

Starting Resources: 20x

Max Defense Stations: 3

Clan Setup:

NOTE: These are subject to change depending on the player count in the galaxy

  • 7 clans of 5 players each. (Ideally it will get to 10-12 clans of 7 players each, with only 5 or 6 players joining the galaxy and the others in reserve. Allowing for those players who take a round or 2 off)
  • 1 leader will have full authority over the clan. Leader can be replaced by a majority vote.
  • 1 Vice leader will have the authority to draft players or fill empty roster spots from free-agent pool. Will not have authority to make trades or cut/release players.
  • Must maintain a full roster within any 12-hour period. If a roster is not filled within 12 hours of a spot being opened, the top player in the free-agent pool will automatically be assigned to that clan. Newly acquired players can NOT be released for at least 1 round. New players may be traded at any time.


  • Round 1 all clans will be randomly assigned a draft number. The lowest number will pick in sequence (1, 2, 3) until all clans have selected a player from the player-pool.
  • Round 2 the clan with the highest number will select a player from the player-pool in reverse sequence (7, 6, 5) until all clans have selected a player.
  • Each round after the first two will continue in the same sequence as the first two rounds.
  • Once all clans have five players each, the draft will end and any remaining players will be entered into the free-agent pool.

Free-Agent Pool:

  • All players in the free-agent pool will be slotted in the order they join the free-agent pool.
  • 3 days before a round begins, “Open Free Agency” will begin and last for 2 days.
  • During “Open Free Agency”, a clan may pick up ANY player in the free-agent pool at any time of their choosing.
  • A clan may NOT go above their designated roster limit. If they choose to pick up a player and are at max roster, they must cut a player to replace them. No newly acquired player may be cut for 1 round.
  • In emergency situations, a clan will be allowed to replace a clan member with a free-agent if 50% or higher of the clan leaders agree.
  • Any player that has played a minimum of 3 rounds with their clan, may choose to “opt out” of their clan and join the free-agent pool. They will be eligible to be picked up during the free-agent phase.
  • Should a player choose to “opt out” of their clan early, they will suffer a 2-round penalty before being placed in the free-agent pool. Should a player wish to leave a clan, their first move should be to get traded and if that fails, they can choose to suffer the penalty.


  • Trading of players will only be allowed during the “Open Trade Talks” phases.
  • Open Trade Talks (OTT) will begin 5 days prior to a round starting and last for 2 days, then it will open again 1 day prior to round starting and end 1 hour before round starts.
  • Trades of any number are allowed as long as there is roster space for it. Should a clan decide to trade 2 of their members for 1 of another, as long as the other family has space for 2 players, it will be allowed. If they do not have the space, they must clear the space or no trade will be allowed.
  • Newly acquired free-agents and trades may be traded immediately upon acquisition.
  • Newly traded players may NOT be cut for 1 round.
  • Any leader may request a veto vote in the event they feel a trade is not fair. All clan leaders must then vote and 60% or will be required to veto the trade.

I’m interested

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Seems cool! Strategically thinking about who to cancel and when is always a fun part of the game.

Not sure you’ll get 50 players though.

But the Snake Draft has been done before and always fun!

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Yeah interested. Hope we get the numbers

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I’d play this gal.

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I would play!
Make it happen!!

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im down

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Can you disable ingame PNAPs?

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I would play …it’s similar to IC playground
For family choice

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i’m in

sounds interesting, I’m in - Exposed…don’t understand why it keeps puting Scammer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Go to account then preferences then change your empire name there. that is your master account name.

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Nice one, thanks :slight_smile:

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No problem

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yeah sounds fun

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can you elaborate on the drafting rules? if you’re just a player and not leader and Swagga first pick is you, can you decline the draft? :smile:


No. In order to maintain fairness all players drafted must join in with the family selecting them. Should you choose to not play that round, you must not play 2 consecutive rounds to be re-entered into the Free-Agent Pool.

I understand not every player will want to play with the family they are selected into. In that event, it may be best to push for a trade onto another clan or make the decision to holdout.


Also, something that can be discussed is the players ability to determine a new clan leader by vote once the rosters have filled up. That would help to alleviate an issue where people are unhappy with their leadership.