Clan Wars - Free Agency - Me


Hello guys,

I feel the need to make this very clear.
I have to SS this round.
I cannot be part of the day to day working of a family.

I implore you to consider the following before drafting me:

  1. I likely am not going to explain my action or map play to any great extent.
  2. I likely will not take part in family econ at SoR. I cannot be dependable.
  3. I likely will not take part in flip jump strats.

Under the right circumstances, I might be more accepting to be more a part of the family.

Honestly, this will be my 44th round, in my 8th galaxy.
This gala looks balls fun, but if I am going to play, it will be 100% on my terms.

Apologies for sounding like an asshole, but no other words explain it.


P.S. If you intend to break naps or play dishonorably, I am not a player you will want in family when that happens.


Those wanting to know why I am being firm about this…
My work is not going to allow a “sit in chat” / “run a fam” type of round.

If I am not drafted, I totally understand.
I will wait till next round and make a new clan.

ok thanks

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your not really sorry for being an asshole.
Let’s be real


since when did i get a flip jump strat? you mean flint?

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Flip jumps.
Con Jumps.
Research jumps.

All terms for the same thing.

Take a low low planet count person, have them take as many planets as possible off another player (or more) at the same tick, full build the shit out of them super cheap with 99% con and you avoid the
“Empire Overbuilding Cost”.
Or this statistic:
“Our empire’s large size increases construction costs by 392.80%.”

Then a few ticks later you give them back to the other players and they (if you have the resources) can jump the planets again because their number will be super low too.

There is also one tick of insane research (like res/cash reseach) that is there when you take the planets back because NW hasn’t been applied - and the numbers are crazy high. Eventually that will be exploited as well, but that would be some hard core fucking play by some really active bankers.