Choosing home planet bonus

I’m in the part of the code now that creates the 5% iron bonus on every home planet.

Does this really make sense? It feels unnecessarily restrictive.

New idea: when you create your empire, you can choose a 5% starting bonus of any resource.

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yea maybe even more than 5% though? 5% is nice but almost negligible.

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Or even connected to a race, like a race bonus?


Would suck for the more fringe customs, . But the starting 5 could have them assigned. Not a bad idea at all. End for Quants, Pax/oct, and even food for Dancers and their amazballs (and entirely useless) even pop %, I like Research for Cams.

Agreed, make it +25% to match the 250 base pop. Symmetry is tight. :grin:

All that is missing is an Income bonus planet. Could be similar to morale giving a 1% boost over all to GC income.

@Picklearmy good point, this would make a good galaxy setting. Default @ 5 but allow it to be easily changeable.

@Orion that’d be interesting. I’ve added a thread for it here so we can discuss/vote on it separately from this one:

@Darrk we’ve got a thread for that one here if you wanna throw your vote to it:

If you are willing to allow it, every empire could have the bonus of their choice. That wouldn’t change heaps aside than allow some flexibility. More so for customs, who can can use 'erry 'lil edge they can get.

Here, we could divvy up a total amount of “Home planet bonus points”.

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@see my reply to the other thread lol


I am not trying to push an agenda. I simply read the emails IC sends me. If I am replying in poor forum form, it is not intentional.
When the topic of deep fabric changes (like races, and econ) I usually submit a thought or two for consideration.

the home planet should be the best best best planet bec its our home and mother turf. therefore it should have the biggest size (like 500) and it should have 50% of ALL ressources, science + 1 moral!!!

that is, bec some ressis will start build different things on their homplanet like farms, some refs and rest mines or so, so i agree with the “homplanet-bonus” idea

That’s a pretty cool take on it. Let’s say for example 100% bonus points to distribute across the 4 resource types, could even it out 25/25/25/25 or go nuts with a 100% octy bonus, etc. Would mix up start strats for sure.

@zerohedge a larger home planet is interesting. :thinking: Sounds useful, though it would also delay start explos as 50% built would take longer. Not necessarily a bad thing though. Wouldn’t hurt as a galaxy setting, at least.

I also like the idea of having a starting number of bonus points for players to distribute as they see fit. Maybe it could include bonus points for race attributes.