Checkboxes for Fleet Recall

Can we get Checkboxes for mass Fleet Recall again for Outgoing Fleets?


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And can we get toggle button in recall stationed units page? Kinda tiresome to click every planet if you want to recall all bombers and transports, for example.

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You can recall all bombers and transports.
Just toggle the 2 columns and recall all.

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And I already have the primary idea in a topic! Go harass him in that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh! Link?

He’s talking about a toggle button, I assume. So you can select what you want to keep or recall, and then inverse. Like we have on Planets page.

Checkbox would go here:

Add a recall all transports and bombers button?

At the bottom of stationed fleets…check the bombers or transports columns checkbox and hit recall all. It Will only recall those units from all planets

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Ah yep, same thing. But I don’t need see that you need to remove the recall button. That’s good for a quick recall. But adding the checkboxes will help for mass recalling. A toggle would also be good, so we can use the filter, toggle, and recall.

Ah, sweet. That worked.

Stil tho, doupt Im the only one reluctant to press recall ALL button, when that implies just that… maybe change it/explain it better.

Actually those boxes were designed to be highly versatile. E.g. You can select all sorts of different combinations, and it’ll recall diff things:

Will recall all your Transports from all stationed planets.

But the below, will recall all your figs, from selected planets:


I now understand exactly what you mean.

I want to recall all but the ones that are portaling =/


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I came here looking exactly for this scenario. This is not intuitive in the slightest.