I feel like I had internal family problems this round why do I always get cells? Seems like he’s either a multi or a cheater

Or both



Here’s his Strat, get on discord get everyone on discord if everyone isn’t on discord he cries and whines then he takes control as leader or head whiner and gets you to give aid and planets to him or proposes a stupid build or race then he saves money and hoards it like a dragon until you fall so far behind you can’t win. And if you don’t send he cries and makes you feel bad or attacks himself with multis so you send aid . Every round or he just out right quits and leaves you a player short if you ignore him.

I had some good players two of 5 I will vouch for Solo or Bells , but everyone else sucked and then snake takes aid and just goes inactive I think Snake and Warchild are one and the same because he voted for himself and it probably goes deeper . In fact I’m sure there’s cheating because I investigated previous rounds outright caught the cheating and then got banned for making multiple accounts which is the only real way to prove it .

You guys need to crack down on the discord again In gonna suggests a blackout round where discord and chats are banned . Bring back the old forums and you will get more players not everyone want to use chat or use/download external programs it’s holding you back.
I dont mind losing but when your family begs you not to attack an obvious choice then attacks a terrible target then the fam you suggested to kill kicks your ass it’s all to much from where I’m sitting the cheating is obvious .

Sorry, but that’s just a stupid idea…

Some people don’t use discord, it happens it’s whatever.

Hell some families only use WhatsApp… it isn’t just discord, it’s however they can use to communicate.

It’s the way of the game :man_shrugging:, I’m sorry you don’t like it, but I don’t see a reason to not like or use discord unless you are a multi and can’t keep up with it all :man_shrugging:


Can we just ban him from making posts??


I sort of wish there was an ignore button but at the same time it is kind if entertaining to read… kinda…

Also we can now play guess who is who in 7703

Oz, War child idk who else

03 all went afk
Also the leader refused to NAP with 04 in a losing skirmish for long period of time
Then had an opportunity to recover and attack 00 but due to refusing to NAP a losing battle 00 jumped them instead as they were already tied up
Thanks for the final round by the way
And to 00 , who the hell logs onto this game on Xmas ? Some people have sad lives
Xmas is for friends and family not playing a little webpage based game

“Who plays IC on Christmas?” He asks… In the IC forum… on Christmas. Also hi Solo.


It’s the 26th today champ , not the 25th being xmas day

Waits until the clock strikes the next day to post a spicy take. :fire: :ok_hand:

I didn’t do anything yesterday in the game
I was to busy having a life with friends and family
I do IC when I have some spare time between sets at the gym
Or at work
Otherwise I don’t bother , I’d rather be away from technology enjoying life

And clearly it struck a nerve with you the Xmas comment , so maybe less ic and more social life and you may not get so triggered


If playing IC on Xmas is bad, I must be the saddest of us all developing for it lol.

But yeah, people play games on Xmas, including IC. No need to shame somebody for how they spend their leisure time.


Never change pie

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Either way your IC pop is down another now
War child and all that lot going afk because they were to stubborn to NAP 04
Then 00 jumping on board and farmed the rest
And still doing it
Yet no matter how planet fat they were no one seemed to want to touch them
With such a small pop of players
The alliances kill it with mates not wanting to kill each other
So any new comers will play a round or to
See that to have any chance you need to be in the purple circle and then leave
Maybe I’ll check in another 5-10 years and see if it’s back to the good old days where rounds aren’t rushed and you can develop massive family’s and wars
And it’s not just a tight group of players with the same alliances round after round
You need to stop that for the game to be great again