Change spells/ops

How about we change the following:

Destroy iron = steal iron
Destroy cash = steal cash

And add variants for oct and end


I can see this being heavily abused; just a morale costly way of market-aiding. Although I do like the idea of revamping some ops and spells!

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I’d like to see a destroy morale op/spell

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I’d like to see ops not cost morale anymore and go back to a certain limitation to them.

The smaller player means, I can do a few ops, but I gotta attack, but I need more pi’s, but my morale is gone okay back to eco because the above.

Then we jump to op power, with the smaller base, some ops are toooo much and with pop banking not being real anymore you have useless ops too.

Ops feel outdated in consideration of all the things that have changed over the years.

OH shouldn’t stack. But that’s my opinion.

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Pop banking is still very much alive.

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