Cast Space Amazement on other empires

Give Players the ability to cast Space Amazement on other Empires.

  • In non-UA rounds, only family members can be targeted
  • In UA rounds, anybody can be targeted

Does this get more difficult if the casting empire is small and the SA-receiver is big (even if on 0 wizzies) ?

Else this would be making it a strat to have one pax on 0 during ephase (not necessarily a bad thing)

Sounds good to improve teamplay, I would suggest No Fear would get the same adjustments.


I’m thinking no atm. Normal target spells take defending wizards into account to impact the casting difficulty, but the rationale there doesn’t make sense for friendly buffs.

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But there should be some difficulty factored in right? Else a pax with 1 planet and 10 wizzies can cast SA over a Revalon with 500 planets and a huge NW.
Doesn’t seem balanced, nor ‘plausible’ as that would require a hell of a lot magic from those 10 wizzies.

So the difficulty factor should be based on the recipient size. So instead of basing the success rate of SA of NF on the caster, base it on the target, without including defending wizzies (since they don’t defend :slight_smile: )

Yeah that makes sense. I think though it should maybe be based on something besides planets and/or NW.

Your mages fill the citizens living in your empire with amazement for space travel and discovering new planets.

I take that to mean it’s an effect on the empire’s literal population. So, instead of NW or Planet Count, we base it off of target pop. A side effect could be intentionally killing a fam member’s pop to help them explore with less cost.

I don’t know if it should be adjusted from the current way it works with your own empire. If a family decides to keep a partax at 1 planet while another member is already at 200 planets just to save some explo costs on a banker and some wizzies on your partax I’d say go for it. I highly doubt the math would suggest this as a good move.

@The_LiGhTgUnS what is your take on this. (I hope @ works on the forum :slight_smile: )

Many fams already work with a small Pax since it’s also good for agressive ops. If this means that it’s basically an additional op for a Revalons pop banker, that’s plain overpowered.

I like this approach a lot!

A partax casting SA on fam members with .5% of his own NW coming from wizzies sounds like it would make sense.

Since I am not going to have to implement it ofcourse any other formula could work too but I don’t see how extending the current formula to other fam members would unbalance the game and give us 1 planet SA casters in a family.