Can't build on a planet - broken?

I took a planet, with 315 lasers.
Started portalling.
It was taken from me.
I took it back. It had 420 lasers.
I built 150 more laser and portaling again. Left some stat fleet there and reinforced too.
Then I wanted to build 50 more lasers, but could not. Could not build even one. I had enough stuff.
Now enemy killed the lasers with attack. It has been 5 ticks and still I can’t build on empty planet, where I have only portal building.
Playing atm with mobile phone, Android, Chrome.
This is what building page keeps saying:

We have built 570 buildings on this planet. The planet can easily support 315 buildings; additional buildings will be very costly.

At the moment we can build -255 more buildings.

Any idea what happened there?

Additional info:

Lost the planet and took it back, which solved the issue for now.

This could most likely happen again though and it is annoying when fighting over a planet and you can’t build lasers after enemy has lost some bombers for sure.

I remember an issue in the past where the planet locked in the build % when a portal was started, so you couldn’t build until the portal was done…but I thought it was fixed years ago.