Cannot view Patron forum

Possibly a related bug, or a new one entirely, but posting it here for now.

I became a Patreon supporter of IC just a few minutes ago. Iogged out and back in and saw a heading on the Donate page to claim my Patreon rewards:

However, when I click on the link, this is what I get instead:

Too soon after becoming a Patreon, or a bug?

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Ah, yeah. That’s an unrelated bug, gonna tackle that one later today.

Thanks for posting it.

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This should be fixed now.

Still experiencing the same bug, even after logging out and back in.

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Does your forum email match your Patreon email? We’ve seen that cause issues before.

You can find your forum email here:

They are not the same. I use a different email for financial transactions versus the one I use for silly things like games, online forums, contests, etc.

That explains it! I added you, you should have access now.

Nada still. :sleepy:

Try It Now :smiley:

Strike Three.

That’s one out.

One more? This is getting pretty silly, but I think I’ve got it.

Made it in finally.

Now that I see it though, it feels like a bit of a letdown after all that hassle.



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It’s kind of funny, it turns out the permissions were screwed up for existing patrons too, they were only able to read it but not post! :grimacing:


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