Can hit targets below Networth Limit

Been in a bloodbath with 76 in MW.

I 8.5m NW have been able to hit a 1.5m NW guy.

Even with war declaration isn’t it only allowed up to 25%?

I didn’t realise he was much smaller so won’t be exploiting the bug anymore… Unless it’s not implemented this round on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:

To add: 99.99% sure the opponent has not hit me either


War declare allows 25% …without war its 35% i noticed it a few rounds ago but assumed i just missed an update rounds ago

Yeah indeed, but he’s like 17% :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just looked back in my old chats, it was last round i noticed that but i was not able to attack bellow 25% must be bugged up i just assumed it was an update :joy:

@Dukey did he have any offensive actions against you or your family?

Also, do you know if the planets you took were recently acquired by your target?

The rule is waived if either of the above are true.

@Zeraph May be able to 100 confirm if he did offensive actions and im sure he had said planets for a long time as they in thier core.

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i have done 0 offencive attacks last 300 ticks probably

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Thanks guys. I nabbed a snapshot of the database, will see if I can replicate these attacks.

Same thing happening with myself and scorp. I haven’t done any attacks or ops on him. And every now and again he will blow one of my planets @SCORP can you not hit all of them or something?

Yep scorp shouldnt be able to attack me but he can. Have done no ops against him.

Pie pretty much our whole war both sides has allowed it. Scorp blew a lot of my planets but he shouldnt have been able to so 73 got a lot of them for free lucky buggers! Plus lost a fair amount of infra too.

Cells is also hitting me now when he I’m well under 25%, I’ve purposely used a strategy not to hit him and get under the 25%…

It seems to be if they attacked you when you wasnt under 25% it seems to continue. As I also hit 76 when he was in range and it continued once he dropped below 25%

I can attack this
(L) (FA) Dukey Revalons 10,173,816 97

at this size

Quantam 36,924,152

But can’t attack this

Quantam 12,858,435 140

No war declared, no attacks have been made. Why can I attack Dukey and 10m

Attack Result

As the player you attacked were under 35% of your NW they expected to lose and managed to take measures to make the planet unhabitable before they took off.

Battle Report

The battle starts…

Your units fight at 182% power.

You start with 0 Bombers, 20000 Fighters, 0 Soldiers, 100000 Droids, 1500 Transports.

— Phase 1: Air vs Ground —

— Phase 2: Air vs Air —

The defending fleet destroyed 3 attacking fighters.

— Phase 3: Ground vs Ground —

All your transports landed safely.

The attacking fleet destroyed 1 defending stationed soldiers.

The defending fleet destroyed 16 attacking droids.


Attacker win!

As the player you attacked were under 35% of your NW they expected to lose and managed to take measures to make the planet unhabitable before they took off.

Revalons 10,179,155

This tick double check

Is it that planets obtained within the last X amount of hours are able to be taken?

Nope, he explored that one a long time ago.

He DID attack 1 planet under 48 “real hours” ago but that still shouldn’t let me attack him over and over.

Hmmm, I am really not sure how it is supposed to work, but I know that sort of ruling happens with pmode.

Which reminds me…

I took everything in under 45 min… He should have entered PMode and that never happened either.

Just to add to this since apparently you were trying to attack me…

I made zero ziltch nada none offensive actions in the battle test galaxy.

This 35% bug has been around for awhile, would be nice to get it sorted.

It was bugged to hell in mw as well. Think it has been for a while?

Cells was able to hit dukey on some retakes when over 25% limit.

Pickle was able to hit me and soul pretty much at will, below 25% and before they even declared war.

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The sad part is, Pie did think the issue was fixed, and it was tested earlier in the round :frowning:

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