Can custom galaxies start with preset NAPs?

custom gal is it possible to start out with singned ingame naps between all fams?

Not between all fams, because of the 2-NAP limit.

We could do 2 starting naps per fam, either by specifying them upon creation or by randomizing them.

Random naps would be a cool idea for a custom galaxy. Makes me think about getting a neighbor with a home system right on top of yours and allying.

so this is game setting, not somthing that can be custommized for the galaxy…

my idea was to have all fam Napped to eachother for the start and to attack u had cansel a NAP :stuck_out_tongue: but if i understand u correctly thats a no go…?

That’s correct, that specific scenario is not currently possible, though it sounds like something worth discussing in #roadmap:ideas.

i agree and i will keep it mind, it seems we got way to many good ideas atm and should maybe focus on the once we got before adding new … but i will keep it in mind…