Building by percentages

I noticed something weird happening when I try to select all my planets to build in Infinitum. If I try to build portals or build buildings by the overbuild to % option, it takes me to the regular build page. It then says I have selected 1000 planets to build on even though I have about 1,050. So at the moment I’m having to manually select hundreds of planets to build on them. It seems like the issue is with having over 1000 planets. As if I manually select 10 planets and then go to “overbuild by %” it seems to work fine. Is anyone having the same issue?

Try giving me enough planets to get you under 1000 and see if that fixes it

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maybe i should have my planets back :rofl:

Same for me if I select all planets. I don’t think it was planned that anyone would have that many planets when the game was coded…Hell if you put over 3-400 planets in the distance checker it time’s out, for me at least.

Did some playing with it. Works up to 999 planets…Craps out at 1000.

Yeah it’s the 1000 planet threshold that causes the issue.

It’s a real pain trying to build anything now. The quickest way I can think of building is by selecting all planets, then manually unselect planets until I am below the 1000 threshold. Not user friendly!

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To combat this I used to select all nonbonus planets and build those, then select all bonus planets and build those. Not ideal, but much less clicking.

If you have over 1000 nonbonus planets, good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

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