Bug, or "feature?"

Your RNG is totally busted, 2 families, 50% chance of landing in either?
wtf is this, 6 players in one family 3 in the other? :frowning:

Randomness doesn’t ensure equal distribution. It’s like if you play roulette in a casino, knowing the previous results doesn’t change the future ones.

Forcing equal distribution would require actively not using randomness.

Would almost require a player ranking then family’s are picked to equal ranking by random select …easier the way pie has it

yeah, isnt it this way to prevent illegal drafting? :o:
actually this galaxy has full draft doesnt it?
so it actually doesnt matter :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure but I think pie does player select they way he does for a random shot at where players land so a family’s isn’t always the same players and it’s fair for the less active and experianced