Bug hunt - population growth bug

My max potential pop according to the planets page is : 125,355,420 / 159,201,295 (78%)

My pop has been stuck a while on 125,355,420. I have noticed this since tick t5912 and it is currently t5945.

Update. I added another bunch of LQs and my pop is now stuck on 135,185,370. But my max pop is 135,185,370 / 178,444,608 (75%)

119,746,039 / 117,657,379 (101%)

Have you gone through your planets?
Probably a few have very low pop, that needs to grow before impact on the total (if theres only 100 people on it, adding 10000 LQ’s won’t do anything).
Some planets may have 1 million people on them, meaning new LQ’s will be filled the next tick basically.

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