Bring back Darrk?


Should we bring back @Darrk ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What is a Darrk?

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broken poll

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Yea, I dunno what’s wrong … Fix it @I_like_pie

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Nm I got it

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Bring back from what?

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Why can’t Darrk come back himself?

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Who or what is Darrk?

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What happened to Darrk?

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Fuck @Darrk, mouthy asshole.

Him and all his over the top forum fruit salad, thinking he is all important because @I_like_pie charity uses him on radio, and all horrible suggestions he comes up with.

We do do another poll, call it “Ban Darrk for ever” and list all the obvious reasons why.

Shit, we might need a poll just to narrow down the reasons to ban his ass into groups of (idk…) 20?

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Forum fruit salad sounds pretty tasty. :pineapple: :mango: :grapes:

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