Brand New Currency: Time Chips (or whatever name)

[some name] is a new currency idea that can be used as tokens. These can be purchased with any resource and their exact cost is based on the market (if no market has been decided for the galaxy, their price can also be calculated based on total gold in the galaxy (or family maybe?) scaled by a coefficient of the total income per tick of gold for a galaxy (or family maybe?).
A Player is capped to have a maximum of x at any time.

The possible uses for such a currency will be based around time and so will be able to access automated building (on tick i; start to produce j figs, k trannies, l droids and m bombers (maybe reserve the required resources as a deposit so that you can afford them on the tick specified). This could also work with buildings on planets (once planet f’s buildings have finished, start producing g)).
Further to this, you could also purchase resource advancements (for jumping fleet, more buildings (help with OB prices and Empire Size Costs)) so say you have 50k gold income, one [some name] could provide c tick advancement to give c50k gold, cd iron, etc.

There are many other suggestions I have for [some name] whcih would include speeding up fleet transport times, production times (faster portals, lasers, etc.) but in essence, a bunch of things to do with time.

This idea comes from many years of hearing about automation but also personal thoughts about if you have just started to raid someone that has only just done an eco jump, how quickly can they react and have fleet ready to both defend and press the attack (one use case for advancements on gold, iron, etc.)

The new currency would add a lot of spice but could also be balanced with cooldowns on each purchase (either the cooldown on spending each [some name] or a cooldown on each item being purchased (faster ticks, faster fleet transport times, etc.))

Any thoughts and/or suggestions regarding this?