Bombers vs lasers

And you lose alot of bombers even though you had enough to clear all lasers.

This may be the new norm anyway, but just wanted to add that if it wasnt as expected.

Attack report to this defence:

The battle starts…

Your units fight at 186% power.

You start with 10803 Bombers, 101598 Fighters, 0 Soldiers, 0 Droids, 0 Transports.

— Phase 1: Air vs Ground —

The attacking fleet destroyed 121 defending lasers.

The defending fleet destroyed 3240 attacking bombers.

— Phase 2: Air vs Air —

The attacking fleet destroyed 1035 defending fighters.

The defending fleet destroyed 236 attacking bombers.

The defending fleet destroyed 3181 attacking fighters.

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Also an add-

404 lasers killing 3240 bombers is a ton.

The fighter frame is also weird, I had 5000 figs and killed 3000 air? Could be attack bonus on that one. idk

Umm, 404 lasers should kill 3240 bombers…

It would take at least 4040 bombers to win… 🤦

Edit: ahh I see, didn’t read above you tho, too much ginger, didn’t see 10k bombers, now I agree that’s brutal lol

He sent 10803 vs 404 lasers

I did edit b4 you reply fatty.

No you didn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

For context: the Air vs Ground battle now respect the 30% loss cap, where before it didn’t.

10803 * .3 = 3240.9
404 * .3 = 121.2

With cap removed, that looks like this:

  • The attacking fleet destroyed 404 defending lasers
  • The defending fleet destroyed 10803 attacking bombers.

In that particular battle, they entirely destroy each other. This is because the Air vs Ground battle now actually uses unit attributes, where before it did not do this either.

Ground attack: 10
Air defence: 2

Air attack: 40
Ground defence: 0

Lasers are hugely powerful. 4x the attack power of Bombers. However, they’re also extremely weak.

So the code/logic works correctly. The question is, should these unit attributes be adjusted? And if so, how?

Oh yeah, also worth noting is that the turn order doesn’t exist any more for any of the phases. They are now direct matchups.

This means that you can no longer knock out lasers before they can kill your bombers and transports.

That’s just your slow backwoods internet can’t keep up with me :rofl:

I was using this as info to work with, so running it through what I suggested in discord…

Running 10803 bombers with 186 Atk Power vs 404 lasers with 100 Def Power
Laser Accuracy is 14%
Actual Bombers Lost 1512
All Lasers Destroyed

4848 being ‘ideal’ with no bonuses.

Running 4848 bombers with 186 Atk Power vs 404 lasers with 100 Def Power
Laser Accuracy is 6%
Actual Bombers Lost 290
All Lasers Destroyed

But given 86% can consider reducing the bombers, could send 2606…

Running 2607 bombers with 186 Atk Power vs 404 lasers with 100 Def Power
Laser Accuracy is 3%
Actual Bombers Lost 78

Gives adaptability to reducing losses, but requires a lot more knowledge about the target, which seems reasonable.