Blocking empire messages

You can now block other empires from messaging you in-game.

There is a new “Block Empire” button on the message page that you can use if you would like to stop receiving messages from another specific empire.

If you block them, they will see something like below if they try to message you:

The block works both ways, so if you block them you will also not be able to send them a message either.

This is a “Phase 1” of this feature.

Messaging as a whole will likely be redesigned at some point, but for now this works well enough to empower players to control their own communication, so that staff can focus on other priorities.



That should help so many things, moreso with oddly enough… Younger players joining in…

Great work on this Pie.


Well this might have saved a bit of time in the past.
Very nice work!


How do you unblock someone? I accidentally blocked someone and now I can’t send them a message


Unblocking will be part of the “Phase 2” work as part of block management, along with block confirmation and some other improvements.

No ETA on that though, as we have other things ahead of it. The change above was just enough to help us reduce our immediate moderation workload.

Until then, if you accidentally blocked somebody, you can send a request to and we’ll sort it out.