Blocked on discord

I just got blocked on discord (again). I didn’t get to hear a reason why.
All I did was link to a photo of a national dutch holiday called Sinterklaas. You guys are such triggered SJW treehuggers


I really don’t see the problem. And it’s not against game rules or chat rules.


That picture wasn’t what got you blocked. I’m aware of Sinterklaas, that isn’t the issue, nor was it “all you did”.

You got blocked for a comment to another player insinuating that because they are black, they owe child support to multiple single-parent women.

This is after you were warned last year for making a joke here in the forums about having blood on a tree in your back yard from black people having been hung and “still dangling on the rope”.

If not tolerating that makes me a triggered SJW treehugger, then so be it.