Beer Mug

Thanks, @I_like_pie!

I saw no explicit instructions on the mug, so I’ve filled it with Beer. Hope that’s acceptable and in accordance with Foohon Pie LLP’s terms and conditions!


Is that a Crapple iBook?

nah its his beer warmer

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Yes. Is that not ok?

It’s a way to show people you like to pay too much for average quality =/

To be fair… I’ve got 5 laptops… does that make it better or worse?!

If they are all overpriced Crapple, yes.


I’ve been far too positive about life recently. I need you back in it. Draft me next round, or I’m not playing.

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:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I’ll drink to that! :beers:

Update - Now filled with wine. It’s a very versatile thing, this IC mug.


My inner tech is screaming to get that away from your laptop…

Then I noticed it’s an apple, so it’s ok

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It’s well insured…

It needs to be…its an Apple

Lots of Apple hate in IC…!

Cool mug!

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