Bankers rating bankers

Sooooo I seen the attacker post but can we get a bankers post based on bankers active lately?

List your favorite Bankers, bankers you like playing with, and bankers you always feel you need to compete against.

And as AW said, make your own list. Anyone can list. Not just bankers…

  1. MTG_Dad: past few rounds he has reigned supreme, personally two rounds he played with me we got him first in size. Definitely knows his stuff, and can always give you a run for your money. Probably one of my fav pop bankers after from TIF.

  2. Kaedan: another of the pop bankers in this current round. Don’t really know much about him but he seems to be a good at what he does when I see him play.

  3. Kingray: I actually didn’t want to put my self on this list, I know no one would agree. Nonetheless, if he’s not lazy and he’s paying attention Kingray is probably one of my favorite CF bankers as of late. Knows his stuff.

4.Scriv: after going several rounds as allies he is probably the only person I feel like i gotta have a friendly competition with whenever we both bank always competing to see who come out on top and makes more. Solid banker.

  1. Jets: I knownhe wears many hats but, if he’s actually paying attention and not being lazy or forgetting to log in. He can be pretty decent…if not, good luck, he forgets to build lasers, big no as a banker…

I’m sure I’m forgetting some people, I gotta go back and look them up. Come share yours!

Thanks for the shout out, kingray :grinning:

I’m just an old returnee after about 20 years. Glad to see the game is still going! And already (re)learned a lot again from the community. Already got me keeping up spreadsheets and trying to model income efficiency across a variety of situations. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need someone to theorycraft and/or throw ops, I’m in!
(Except perhaps next few rounds as baby delivery date is coming up quick, and wife would kill me)

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Banker is a hard list for me to make. Sometimes I’d rather a consistent banker then one who can make the most and other times its vice versa.
Some I have never played with.

1: gx, he made the most I have ever seen and round after round.
2: sol, known for attacking but is an amazing banker
3: mtg, very consistent banker and always able to aid when its needed
4: lightguns if he’s active
5: tr
6: tied for 6th would be kingray and drones if both are active but both could be viewed as higher rank in my eyes

I could list many many very good bankers that I haven’t played enough with to list.
Oz, galacta, audit for example.
Then there are many I haven’t played with really and many many I have forgotten over the years.

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@kingray Seems like you are forgetting every good banker with that list of cronies

MTG doesn’t belong on any list for being good at IC. He is lazy af.

I’d put an attacker as a banker above any banker currently playing in IC.

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Hmm have you made anyone’s list yet? At least he has…Not sure if you have any right to debate people opinions on players.

school you all other than possibly TR if I’d ever g0t the chance for people still playing. Always liked having Noir - nightwish also though and HydroP because he did all the planning. Orbit is good at infra and Hala

I would out bank any banker in the game, because bankers are usually ICs worst players, they choose that role because they either haven’t got time or haven’t got a clue. It’s not difficult to build buildings, but it’s all the other stuff 9/10 bankers in this game don’t do.
Run econ
Organise defences
Match spread with attackers
Pre send fleets
Join in raids
Provide opps
Understand research and ratios
Send upkeep without being told

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a complete banker, they are all rubbish.

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:yawning_face: yawn


Self opinion :man_shrugging:

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Hmmm, it’s amazing how much negativity people have towards others…

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Fair point in general from Cells and OrBit.

I am sure there have been quite a few great bankers that have come and gone (and perhaps some who still linger). I don’t think I have necessarily had enough time over last few rounds since returning to really prove my chops again, especially ping ponging a bit between bank and ressie roles, but appreciate the shoutout all the same.

Sadly, gotta take a wee break for a bit of busyness coming up, but will return to keep at it.

EDIT: On review, kingray’s provocation post for this mentions:
“List your favorite Bankers, bankers you like playing with, and bankers you always feel you need to compete against.”
Not necessarily ‘the best’ bankers list. Just the folks you enjoy playing with / against.