Balius 4 Setup Polls


Final results will be based on the vote tallies but may not necessarily reflect every winning option. Tied results will be decided on a case by case basis.

You only have to vote about the options you care about. Some polls have an option labeled as “other”. If you choose this, please also post a comment specifying your choice.

For those who haven’t played before, Balius is a Hardcore galaxy. Please keep that in mind as you vote for your preferred setup.


The following settings will not be voted on:

  • Map: 100x100
  • Offensive Action Delay: 7 Days
  • Unofficial Alliances: Allowed
  • Morale Formula: No Morale
  • Hardcore: Yes
  • Rejoins: Players can join (and rejoin) mid round
  • Family Size: 7
  • Draft Style: Regular Drafting (first come first served)
  • Draft Spots: 2

Regarding Mid-Round Joins

Hardcore galaxies are sometimes, but not always, designed to be “last man standing” kind of competitions where towards the end very few if not 1 person are left. Unfortunately, we need more open galaxies right now more than we need this specific kind of competition, so at least for Balius 4 it will still be HC but not be as closed off as it normally is.

Starting Resources

  • Normal
  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 20x
  • 50x
  • 100x

0 voters

Minimum Planets Per System

This is the lower range of planets per system. Any system will have at least this many planets.

  • 1
  • 7
  • 10

0 voters

Maximum Additional Planets per System

This is the upper range of planets per system in addition to the minimum. Any system will have at most this many additional planets.

  • 0
  • 3

0 voters

Stay In Family

This option determines whether or not players can stay in the same family across multiple rounds.

  • Stay - Allow players to stay in family
  • Shuffle - Force a family/player shuffle

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Round Length

  • 4 Weeks
  • 5 Weeks
  • 6 Weeks

0 voters

Market Delay

Access to the market can be delayed by this number of real-time days.

  • None
  • 1 Day
  • 2 Days
  • 3 Days
  • 5 Days
  • 7 Days
  • Other (please specify in response)

0 voters

Number of Cores

Cores Systems are systems in which you cannot be attacked. They allow you to safely establish a larger home base.

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Other (please specify in response)

0 voters

Max Number of Defense Stations

Defense Stations deal massive damage to attacking fleets.

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Other (please specify in response)

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7 man fams ??

4 man fams with 2 drafts might get some new patrons etc + and some hype around this galaxy

most playing mw and SD, balius will yet again be a half ass galaxy… with 7 man fam…

MW is typically a non-UA galaxy, and it is causing problems. This will be approached as a HC UA alternative, and MW may also have its open spots reduced to eventually balance these 2 galaxies out as the non-solo options.

There are reasons behind these changes, and as usual people will be critical. Nothing new, but as always if it doesn’t work out as planned it will be taken into consideration in the round that follows.

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I hope u keep a solo galaxy

Oh yeah definitely, SN isn’t going anywhere.

7 days delay too long.
Vote for 3 days, or even less.

agreed, less delay on attacks would be good. 2-3 days

2 - 3 ticks delay on attacks pls, or even less

It’s always up for discussion, but some insight/context would help.

Those of you playing MW, what has been good/bad about the 7 day delay?

“It sucks” isn’t an answer (you know who you are), looking for actual useful info to help decide for Balius 4.


Very Bad: top fam gets to portal all around you with no way of clearing them. Setting a week delay skews winning chance in favour of econ

Explo and portal and laser trap with no way of stopping it. Unless you can be online for first tick of attacks it makes it very difficult. Works both ways obviously but i’d prefer to establish and defend cores

3 days is more than enough to establish a core and put up defence.

With the 100x resources (seems to be based on current votes) you can have ports up by that time.

Do cores even work on balius? In MW it is a morale drain and I hear that in SN it is a complete no attacks but unless Balius acts like SN (overpowered on current setup of Balius) then they shouldn’t be votable right (no morale for attacks so cannot be a morale drainer)?

7 days, give all a fair chanse to get a basic infra going and get cooperation sorted before attacking starts, i think its a very good thing! And not only in favour of the super organized fams.

Looking at MW this round, most fams had pretty decent NW on day 7. No huge diffrences, some choose to do more RC builds than others, but planet count and overall nw was very well distrubuted.

Som will ofc say, ppl get a chanse to portal around you etc. YES GOOD, than we might see ppl forced to play diplo and we might even see some wars and strategies? ? This sort of gameplay pushed IC into being a great game once! And not the core and ping pong show it has been the last few years. NO wonder we got 50 active players atm, most of us dont have time for PING PONG for 6 weeks straigth. I know 3 ppl enyoing the ping pong game, and they are all named in the NAP breaker thread…coincident much ? :stuck_out_tongue:

GIve all players a fair shot, that takes alittle time. 7 days no offensice action gives players a shot at spread, infra and getting to know eachother.

AFAIK, u r the only one who like to ping pong last round.
How many portals did u break last round? 0?
I took 39 attackers portal :sunglasses:
I always love to eat portal (bc i know how to :sunglasses: )

Let see the fact.
U like 7 days delay bc u’ll have time to make more spread without anyone hit ur planet (and of course u can make it without cheating :stuck_out_tongue: )
Means u’ll have alot of 0 tick share with others.
Means u r too lazy to send 1 tick fleet or more to break attackers portal (or maybe u dont know how to break portal before u clear enemy’s fighters 1st :rofl: )

Not smart enough to hide ur true reason right :kissing_heart:

and AFAIK again, idk if ic ever used 7 days delay before

Oh and UA allowed AW, so dont worry, u can cheat without getting blocked.
Nevermind, any setup u want, i’m fine with that. The result still same for u

@I_like_pie, how many fams are you planning for? I feel 7 sized fams are too big for balius, considering sn and mw are pretty much full.

Size 3 or 4 full draft fams pls.or can we at least vote for fam size and number drafts.

Small fams can do the same to larger families though. That’s the point, it gives small fams a chance to establish presence without people aggressively clearing them out of cores.

This sums it up. Imo coring is a good defensive strategy but bad for the overall game. The comparison I made in chat was the difference between a game like RISK where all players get to place all their pieces before starting attacks, and a game like Civilization where players start in an isolated area and can attack each other as soon as possible.

Right now IC plays more like Civilization in this regard, but it doesn’t really work that well. With fewer shares as a result, this leads to the game rewarding activity (always online for ping pong and retakes) over skill which is a general problem we have.

Not usually, no, but in its heyday it didn’t need to. Way back in the day people didn’t really start attacks until the exploration phase was over. It used to be far too risky to start fights early in the round, but then system cores became standard practice and the game’s strategy shifted. People “figured out” IC in this way, and the game never evolved to restore the balance it lost. The game has become worse for it.

A 7 day offensive delay forces a more old school style of SoR. This is one of the few areas where I believe a restriction is actually a good thing.

If UA is allowed, by definition it won’t be cheating. Get your terms right. =P

Planning for 7 fams of 7. I do anticipate that it won’t fill up, so to offset this we will be doing the “rolling” fam sizes thing to fix the distribution weirdness. For example, if only 21 people sign up it will end up being 7 fams of 3 and then 1 more spot will open for each fam, and the another when we hit 28, and so on. It will only really be fams of 7 if/when we end up with 49 players here.

In other words, the “fam size” setting is more accurately a “max fam size” setting. This makes actual fam size dependent on number of signups, so voting here isn’t necessary.


Who r u ?

it sound like you got your big boy pants on today :smiley:

Taking portals from players with a job and a life not able to be online 24/7 with your ping pong way of playing isnt much to be proud of is it? But since you got your big boy pants on today, maybe we will see some nice fair play from you this round :smiley:

But i am afraid if u got into a shared war you’ll lose your fleet faster than pitbull could break a nap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Frosty mints. Redecorating all your planets into a mint condition. See his special offer about green field projects.

U can’t fool me.
Last round u never broke any attacker’s portal. U want me to post attackers infil? I still have it

Pls, dont talk about fair play.
Since i played for the very 1st time, u got blocked 3x, being kicked from MAG7 channel, what else…

When human talk about honour, just dont trust him :rofl: :rofl:

Come on, i just sat him down :kissing_heart: