Back... kinda!

Hi All,

The last couple of rounds have been write-offs for me - had a few family issues over the last couple of months, but things seem to be resolving themselves now… so I’m back (mostly!)

I’d like to say thanks to the families who have hosted me over the last few months - my sporadic active/not-active/active again style can’t have been helpful!

This round I’m having fun in @6618 - we’re not going to take over the world, but are determined to have fun not doing so!

I’ll be picking back up active development of the latest iteration of IC Tools ( - please feel free to add anything you’d like adding to these on this topic!

Cheers, Belg.


Welcome back maybe connect with @TIF together the future for tools could be bright.

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Wb, family news replacement is probably at the top of the list for most people now that silenz analyser stopped working.

I made this version using java/spring boot

But looking at hosting it was pretty costly, I’m looking at changing the front end to work in azure as that was free or at least trial was, but potentially could put a react front end on it or just rewrite it in JavaScript.