## Attackers rating Attackers ##

I thought it be fun to get some ratings from fellow attackers rating other attackers active today/lately

So who would u rather not fight or have in the enemy fam?
If I forget anyone come with nicks and we will update our ratings.

Here is my rating and I would like to see other attacker rate swell. MAKE YOUR OWN LIST!

1: Sol - Proven to know his shit and never gives up

2: Frosty - Calculated, organized and sick activity

3: Orion - game knowledge, organized and will go full on!

4: flipmode - like herpes, never gives up!

5: Zero - a lot like flip, he just keeps coming

6: Munder - some what unorganized, but to active to not mentioned

7: Pickle - One of the best in the business, but maybe a hint passive

8: Random - too lazy, but can be your worst enemy when active.

9: Putbull - nothing fancy he does his thing, slow and steady.

10: Lightguns - overall steady! But players from phone.

11: Zanharim - Used to be great! Needs to prove himself again

12 shared: ICD - has ben not anymore

12 shared: Cells - seems to be able to take shares, very unorganized

13: Ceadmon - up and coming star, abit passive

14: Vicous - docent seem organized enough to make top 10

15: TBO - completely useless, stick to banking :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. i can confirm, he was attacker once for me :smiley:

1: Frosty - smart, extremely active, willing to set alarms in middle of night to wake up to attack

2: Munder - Frosty’s twin, they could probably share the #1 ranking imo

3: AW - Tenacious but always paranoid

4: Sol - Mouth is bigger than attacking skill, likes to go after weak families or gang up on big families, tenacious nonetheless

5: Pittbull - When active he is one of the best

6: LG - He doesn’t attack that often but he is one of the smartest players in IC imo

7: Zero - I remember when he was in Colors fam in MW a few rounds ago, great attacker and very aggressive

8: Flip - Solid all around attacker, although if fam is getting crushed he loses interest

9: ICD - Can be a great attacker when he wants to be, but there is always the risk he disappears during the round and can become a liability

10: Cells - Not the smartest attacker, seems to just go after closest planets with no rhyme or reason to his attacking. Still overall a quality attacker

11: Caedmon - new attacker, seems like he knows what he is doing. Only this low in the ranks because he doesn’t have much experience

12: Random - Could be a great attacker if he wanted to be, but not active.

13: Maul - played with us last round and was a great attacker and kept our family alive while I was on vacation, sadly he disappeared

14: Swagga - Excellent during explo phase, very very aggressive and does a good job at securing core, sadly he is not good at all at attacking portal to portal and makes silly mistakes

15: Vicious - Unorganized but can be serviceable if you tell him what to do.

  1. Wolf

and that’s all that matters. :grin:

Especially since i’ve beaten all on that list. Most multiple times. Never fought against Frosty that i can remember. I expect it would be as annoying as fight moi. :wink:

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Seems like you didn’t even make it in the top15 in the first 2 posts. If you want to start a list for the bottom end, make your own topic! :joy:

PS. If the first two list posters would just play solo with their own teammember in Ultimate, than there would be no need for this topic. :wink:

and where is the top bankers rating??? need to know whom to attack…uhm…draft :smiley:

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You all are forgetting DeviousDevil…

I am more of a (ressie)banker lately, nice to my name on there though.

And don’t forget @Devilz indeed. He should be in top 5 imho if you just rate attack skills and strategy.

Frosty is like a secret leader every round. He won’t take take the tag, but micro manages both economy and battles.

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Yea I was thinking more of attackers who are attacking right now or within the last few rounds … where has Devilz been?

He works outside. He only plays cold seasons because due to snow he can’t work than.

What I remember from Milky Way 57:

@IC_Death: Decent short term tactics but not so great long term strategy.

@Malin (Cells): Persistent and willing to work through family in-fighting.

cant attacks and destroyed units not go into score? whats that score anyway it tells me nothing, could we make it an attack activity score or so?

I’m @Sol_Invictus 's favorite banker to try to attack :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if you have 600+ planets that you laser up like crazy! Who’d have thought that 120k bombers wasn’t even enough to get a smooth raid in on you! :slight_smile:

120k bombers wasn’t enough on 20% of my planets lol

Id say @The_LiGhTgUnS honestly helped me best when it comes to banker defense

I was wondering why I banker knew so well what to do… Guess I’mma have to slap @The_LiGhTgUnS next time I meet him in Supernova! :smiley:

I should open a IC school I guess :rofl:

For practical exam we’ll arange draft spots with Sol.

The difference between us is that I don’t care what people think about me. It another reason why i’m better. :wink: If winning all the time doesn’t matter, then I don’t belong on that list anyways. Kind of How mortals and gods each have their own lists. Wouldn’t be fair :joy: