As you wish. 63 v 67



wow guess who beat who lol

first tick
(VL) Airwing Gale 24,829,947 47
(FA) Pitbull Camaar 21,243,767 68
(L) (FA) Netscape Lilliput 33,686,566

2nd tick
Airwing Gale 15,110,328 46
Pitbull Camaar 1,762,400 66
Netscape Lilliput 21,770,897 62


I bet they wished they had traded Pitbull for the Almighty Swagga




Well the race attack bonus still counting in defense is still making things annoying, but it was a fun first tick :slight_smile:


Bah - Was gonna post something clever. =)


Your woman will scream all right, because they will feel pleasure they have never felt before when all your planet are belong to us!



Whose got the upper hand?


Planet count and nw pretty much say it all.

Not sure, but if you look in #general chat it was over the first tick.

Well, unless you ask @TheBigOne - he seemed to think it might take a smidge longer.
Why would anyone listen to him?


this is so funny


edit: update tick 847


Thanks @TIF That chart is so sezzeh.



Update tick 900


@TIF This is so awesome, thank you man.


Lol next update won’t be so good for my family. I was offline for 48hrs haha


Tick 962



Lol use could barley take me out if we were all active i think it would have went another way.
Told you waring us for two weeks and refusing to nap us would cost use the round win


Banker power :muscle:


High five, same power here :stuck_out_tongue: