As you wish. 63 v 67

I can pretty much say from our family to yours…

They canceled.

We declared.

Good luck.

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This is going to be good!


^ Real Browser ^

Our post wasn’t good enough for you? Lol

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You had a post? Sorry, must have missed it, I didn’t see 63 v 67 anywhere.

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Lol @TheBigOne, ya just can’t fix classless.

That rap is fucking tight.

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Have fun

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Ya chris webby has some sick shit coming out these days! Raw thoughts and his Wednesday cds are unreal

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Sorry im old school, time to put them on

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Well 63 can thank 69 for knocking 67 down to size or else 67 would have walked away from everyone.

Good luck or skill to both


No doubt, they were infrawhoring pretty hard core when you guys hit 'em.
They are still prolly the top econ fam.
It’s impressive.

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Well idk about being the top infra Fam. :stuck_out_tongue::wink:

This is gonna be good!!!

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It should be fun indeed

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May the worst fam lose!

And domt worry, there are plenty of fams waiting to pick your carcase.


Oki joo!
I did some digging - and I am calling you out due to the use of the words “old school”.
Looks like “Fighting Trousers” was released in 2013.
Dre / Eminem “Forgot about Dre” was released in 2001.

So here is a counter “Chap Hop” slap!
(Proff. Elemental is in the vid, 'tis his “rival” :metal: )

Today’s the day!

The men are fresh, the woman are pregnant, and the kids are playing with stick guns.

Today the men are preparing for one last meal, they are saying goodbye to their loved ones, today’s the big day!

Soon the air will be quite, you will be able to hear all the animals make sounds, but for it’s just an illusion of peace.

In 8 hours, the worlds of this, the Milky way galaxy will come to an end. Some will survive and the people will have to come to love a new ruler, some plants will turn to inevitable dust, and some… will stay protected from it all.

All of the high Kings and queens are on the only safe planet now, the Home Planet… as they started this war, they are too scared to be any part of it.

This war will cause bloodshed and mayhem, brother vs brother.

When it’s all over, the woman will scream, some for the sacrifice of their loved ones, others because they get to see them again, but in the end, they know this is for the best of the empire.

So on this, the dawn of day, I wish you all good luck.


Nice post! :heart_eyes:
Perhaps you can ask @MTG_Dad how he missed a fly ass shout out like my “Chap Hop” post.

He’s busy directing his units on how to prep for death.

Lots of paperwork, he will get back to you soon :wink:

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