April Status & Update

What, no sprints?

Although the IC Dev Sprint 1 Review and IC Dev Sprint 2 Review were useful, I am quickly finding that this form of planning is not sustainable given how much my available time varies from week to week.

Instead of these detailed updates, I’ve set up a public view into our work plan that you can see at any moment by visiting the following URL:


This will remove the need for me to provide so much detail in the forum, as task details will already be visible in their respective tickets. This will give us a faster public view of the “what” that requires no additional time/effort on my end outside of what I’m already doing to manage the work for myself.

As for the “why”, I’ll keep making these posts periodically to quickly summarize updates on our focus and goals.

Current Goals

We recently experienced another server crash, and although it was short and non-destructive, it is enough of a red flag that I need to put my focus on optimization so that the server isn’t being stressed as much.

I am also still spending too much time on management and moderation issues that can and should be delegated either to our moderation team or to the players themselves. This is a question of how we can optimize our player support experience so that players get what they need sooner and without as much dependency on me personally.


By 2021-04-26T07:00:00Z, I plan to:

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