Sorry guys… havent really been around in like, well AGES. Just a question, are there plans on ever making an app for the play store or app store? <3

Yes, I’m working on a Android one, don’t expect to much out of it at this point but we will be in the play store atleast


Awesome, I think this will be a good way to get new players

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And there should be a lot of anime babes… all. advisors… and… all the stuff… should have atleast one anime babe… that would get more players.

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I think an App will definitely allow a stronger call to action to any marketing campaigns because it positions the app alongside other mobile games.

With that in mind, does the game itself need mobile-ifying? It’s great that the site is responsive but the UX for mobile isn’t brilliant (buttons too small etc).

Trust me, I understand that complexity and size of that task; but just asking the question :slight_smile:

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It definitely does.

A UI rewrite is underway with this goal in mind, amongst other things. :+1:


Awesome! Great work - thank you!

So anytime pie announces a change we must add needs more waifu’s